Yesterday for lunch I made a turkey. We did not host Thanksgiving this year so my turkey I bought sat in the freezer for a few weeks but I decided I really wanted to eat some turkey so I cooked it. I made some stuffing to go with it and we had some other veggies and salad. It was not the full traditional meal but still delish. I was disappointed as always that our kids turned their noses up at this scrumptious meal.

To get my revenge, I served it again for dinner- bwah, ha, ha! Delicious food for dinner, how mean!! They proceeded to whine and complain of hunger and declare how they would not eat it again. So I turned the lights off and lit a few candles and we ate by candlelight. Somehow that made it all better. Most of them gobbled up their food and claimed that it was the funnest meal ever. It was rather fun. So next time they complain about what I make I will just turn out the lights so they can’t see it.


Julie December 15, 2010 at 1:31 p.m.

haha good idea!!!