Today my little Micah turns five. He has been as big as many a 6 year old for quite some time now, but never mind that, I still call him little.

Here are 5 things I love about Micah:

  • 1) When he is happy, he is HAPPY. He sure can brighten a room with his exuberance. We love his smiles and his laughter.
  • 2) He tries new things without fear. We took him skiing for the first time during Christmas break and we didn’t know what to expect. The likely reactions are either a kid determined to do it, or a kid in shambles full of tears because it is scary to not be in control and sliding in ways you aren’t used to. We expected the second reaction. We got the first. Amazing! Sometimes he even tries new foods without lots of fuss, though sometimes not.
  • 3) He likes to cook with us. He is a great bread maker and I love how it is something we can do together that we both enjoy.
  • 4) He is so smart and was doing bigger puzzles (60 + pieces) at age 3. Most kids lose focus on puzzles like that and just throw them in frustration. He just goes to town doing them. The only bad experience we have had with him and puzzles is when we tried to do a triazzle… those things give me a headache and I can see why he didn’t like it either.
  • 5) We like his creativity and all the things he comes up with to make, like the dragon scroll from Kung Fu Panda or his Lego spaceships. He is always creating something. He adds details to the things he makes, like making sure the dragon scroll had the secret ingredient on it 8) ... or that one Lego ship that could store “material” had the hidden compartment for robot arms.

We love you Micah!


dad murdock January 16, 2009 at 7:59 p.m.

Micah, grandma and I think you are a very special grandson. Congratulations on turning FIVE!