Well, it turns out we didn’t as many pictures as I had thought, but I’ve uploaded them and you can see what we did take up at the Wright Family Cabin:

We spent four days at the Wright family cabin in the Blue Mountains of Oregon.  The trail in is incredibly, um, rustic, and crosses the Walla Walla river about 7 times.  We rode in the back of the Wrights’ red 4×4 truck.
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It was a great trip. Very relaxing and fun. We drove to Milton Freewater, Oregon on Monday morning, and then out to “the end of the road” where Richard and Nolan were waiting in with the red Dodge 4×4 truck. We loaded everything in and rode with Nolan, Steff, Lexa, and our family in the back. The dirt trail disappeared into the Walla Walla river about 7 times on the way to the cabin, and luckily it reappeared on the other side every time. During one of the river crossings we saw a black bear cub playing on the side of the river, but we weren’t fast enough with the camera.

Once up at the cabin we played ping-pong and pool upstairs, ate good cabin food, waded in the river, went fishing, played horse shoes, shot BB guns, played games, and just had a nice relaxing time with everyone. The boys also played on the swingset and see-saws with Lexa and got nice and dirty. It was a blast.

Nolan and Richard taught Ily and I how to fly fish, and I have to tell you, standing in the middle of the river and watching the fish jump at your lure is awesome. It’s a lot more work than the fishing I’m used to, but it’s a lot of fun too. Just being out on a little river with nobody around, exploring for good holes, and being with nature is so amazing. I could get used to that. Now, getting tangled in trees and having a sore arm from waving the pole around so much, that’s a different story. I forgot all of that once I caught my 8-inch rainbow trout though (8 was the minimum keeper size). Very fun.

Tuesday morning Nolan’s sisters and brother’s-in-law went on a hike and took Isaac with them. They were impressed that Isaac stayed right up with them and was able to talk the whole time. I guess they were breathing hard during parts of it, but he had no problems keeping right on with the conversation. On their way back they saw a bear in the river, much closer to the cabin. That made us a little vervous, but Nolan and Steff have watched a lot of “Man versus Wild” and told us all to make lots of noise and we’d be OK. Later that day and later in the week people saw some huge salmon in the river, and on Nolan’s last day they saw a salmon with a bite taken out of it laying on the bank of the river. I think the bears were doing better fishing than we were. Fortunately that’s all we saw of them.

Isaac caught a fish too. We let him fish from the bank with a regular spinning rod. He had a little spinner on that he was just dangling in the water as he moved the tip of the rod back and forth to make it spin and flash. It didn’t take long for him to pull up a little 3-incher. Right after that he walked back to the trail and got stung by a wasp, on his ear and his neck. I didn’t see it and at first I couldn’t see anything on his skin. I thought maybe he just bumped into it and got scared, but then his ear started to puff up huge and get angry red. We hurried up to the cabin and Ily put some baking soda and water on it. We gave him some benedryl too and by morning he looked OK again. He was shocked a bug could be so mean, but he toughed it out.

By Thursday Reece and Micah were done. They were very tired kiddos and were making Ily and I very tired parents. We rode the big red truck out to the “the end of the road” again with a couple others that were leaving that day too. We drove to Pendleton from Milton Freewater and had pizza for lunch there. Then Ily drove the whole way home from there without stopping. The kids had fallen asleep and we didn’t want anything to wake them up.

Sadly, that evening Reece threw up twice. He cried and cried and we could tell his stomach was upset. It seemed like gas, but when he hurled we realized it was worse. He hasn’t thrown up since, though, but he’s had a couple fits of crying like he did Thursday. Isaac has also had an upset stomach and a fever. I’ve come down with a nasty cold and got grumpy with everyone today. I guess that’s what we get for having so much fun at both the wedding and the cabin. Ily must feel good though, because she’s plowing ahead with getting the office back together. It’s looking really good and we should be able to find stuff in there again soon.