When I get motivated to do a project, it is usually only because it is a sunny day. We had a few of those this past week. Somehow the sun super charges me and gives me superhuman amounts of tenacity and helps me get projects done. Things like totally reorganizing our garage are totally do-able for me on a sunny day.

On a rainy day, it never happens. On rainy days I sit on the couch like a blob and do nothing, not even read, and wish I had motivation to do more than just sit and watch my kids do nothing also. I can’t even cook for us. I am pathetic on rainy days.

Ok, so the sun this last week really gave me the energy to become a woman who is all consumed with her goal to attack the garage and make it organized. Here are the results.

For Mother’s Day, Ily wanted the garage better organized.  This was
a two-Saturday project, with can-holder making time in-between.  It was
a lot of work, but the results feel good.

We searched the internet for ideas on how to better store our cans and found this idea .  Here you see Ily gluing together a bunch of cardboard can holders.

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