We threw Isaac a party today for his 8th birthday. He really wanted to go to Lucia Falls with his 3 best friends and climb on rocks. Wow, simple in theory. Not much prep. I can do that…. Kind of dangerous. Difficult when you have a 2 year old who refuses to be carried or put in a stroller or strapped to me in a mei tai. Hmmm…. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it.

I did have 2 moms join me, but they then had to bring their other kids (so then we had 10 kids total to watch over). So it wasn’t any easier. It was a wash really. But we still had fun and no one drowned nor fell in the water. Luck was with us today.

All of the kids agreed it was the best birthday party they have ever gone to… Sorry to all you moms out there who now have too much to live up to. They spent time climbing rocks, catching tiny frogs, running around a trail, throwing rocks, fighting with tiny fake swords, and eating cupcakes. What could be better? Um that the sun would shine you say? Well it did eventually. It was a great party!