“Look at that bird on our fence!” exclaimed Ily from across the living room. “And what is it eating?” I’d never heard her that excited about a bird. Isaac and I got up off the couch, peered between the blinds and saw it sitting right there on the backyard fence. A bird that was eating, eww, another bird. I told Ily that it must be a hawk, but she thought it looked too small to be a hawk. “It’s a hawk,” Isaac assured us. I ran and grabbed the camera and started shooting pictures and a video between the blinds through the window. It sat there picking away at it’s kill, looking around between bites to make sure it was safe. Somehow it didn’t notice us all gawking through the window, or the occasional flash from the camera when it decided it didn’t have enough light.

The little digital camera wasn’t able to zoom in as close as I’d like, and the auto focus wasn’t doing to well through the glass either. I didn’t want to scare it away, it was too fascinating to watch, but I really wanted to get a better picture. I tried to slowly, quietly sneak out the back door, hoping it was too engrossed in it’s meal to notice, but as soon as I stepped outside it swooped across our neighbors backyard to the fence on the other side. It paused there to look at me and then flew across the next yard. Oh well, I thought, at least he took his meal with him.

I did get some ok pictures. After searching the internet a bit I found some bird identification websites and pictures that convinced me it must have been a Cooper’s Hawk, a hawk that likes to eat other birds (the websites were The Illinois Raptor Center, and the flickr Birds of Prey, discussion and discussion). Identifying what type of bird it was eating is an exercise left to the reader. Maybe it was one of those that likes to eat our strawberries. In fact, I hope the hawk comes back, if only to keep our fruit safe!


Nols April 20, 2006 at 2:36 p.m.

That is nuts! I guess that is what you get in wild northleft!

I just added a news feature to I should be updating it a lot more now.

Bryan April 21, 2006 at 10:38 p.m.

Not bad on the website, Nolan. I've got your feed on my newsreader now. You're not a bad wedding photographer either!