We were thinking about some of the best things that we have done together this year and we had a really great list. Here it begins…

We sent our oldest child off to first grade! He is getting so big so fast!

We started our 2nd child in pre-school. It seems like he was just born not long ago.

We had a Christmas with just us. It was nice for us to have that day together. We got bored and were happy to drive off to Kennewick to be with family after that, but it was still nice to have Christmas morning at our house and begin some of our own traditions. Secret Santa for the 12 days of Christmas was such a hit. I don’t think we can travel again at Christmas just because of that tradition alone! The boys loved being stealthy to drop off the gifts. I got a kick out of ding-dong ditching too!

We both turned 30 this year! We even had a birthday party. With a lot of people there. And we were so tired by 10pm that we wanted to leave and go to bed, but ha ha! we couldn’t. It was our party.

We became a one car family again. That was nice of Bryan to accept the fancy new bike as a trade for getting rid of his car.

We trained together for a triathlon and had a great time doing it together. We did a relay. I loved waiting for him to tag me after his bike ride so I could start the run, it was a big “I Love You” moment.

We bought our first brand new car. Well, a mini-van really. It was so hard to pick which one to get, but I think doing all the shopping together, and research, and test-driving was a good experience for us. I think we could have made a whole car payment with the money that we used for babysitters while we went out and test drove for those many months of shopping.

We weathered sickness together. Serving each other during trials like the stomach flu really makes you love each other more. How can you not love someone who is helping you with puking kids? I think Heavenly Father gave us sicknesses so we can serve each other and have the by product be lots of love.

We went on this crazy long road trip where we drove 4600 miles together with our kids all the way to Oklahoma and back and had a really great time. We still can’t believe we did it and that we still like each other and our van.