1) Micah’s Dresser: It looks and ACTS brand new. Amazing how different it looks after a lot of sanding, re-gluing, 4 coats of paint, 2 coats of finish, and new handles. Even Bryan doesn’t hate this piece of furniture anymore. It took me a few WEEKS to get this thing done.

2) The Hutch: This piece of furniture was given to us by the some neighbors who didn’t want it anymore. It has been in their family for about 70 to 80 years. It is a nice maple piece that was originally painted a hideous gold color. Bruce and Julie (the neighbors) updated it 15 years ago. Bruce wanted to sand it down to the original wood but got tired of sanding, sanding and more sanding after doing the doors so the doors and drawer fronts are the natural wood and the body of the hutch was just painted the “in” color of the day which was hunter green. The hunter green just did not match my sea foam green carpet (another thing that was in 14 years ago that really should be gone from our house but isn’t) so I painted the green parts black. It looks pretty cool now and really looked festive for Halloween decorating!

3) Canning: Tomatoes, pears, grapes, I still need to do the 4 boxes of apples. It will never end.

4) kids.

5) We got sick with sore throats and coughs. Annoying and miserable for a few days only, but a good excuse to play hooky and rest for a week.

6) Music practice. I prepared two SSA vocal group numbers with 9 other gals to perform at various church functions. We sang Of the Father’s Love Begotten at stake conference and I have to admit it is the coolest song to sing! We also sang My Sister’s Hands which was another nice song at a Stake Relief Society meeting. The sad thing about that song was that I didn’t actually get to sing it with the group due to over-scheduling on my part and the song being moved from at the beginning of the meeting to the rest hymn instead. I got dressed up for the meeting at the church, I came, I waited to sing, I had to leave 10 minutes before the group got up to perform. Whoops. At least I tried.

7) Gymnastics: Reece and Micah are in classes at the local gym. They love it. Unfortunately it has taught Reece how to climb really well and he started using his crib as a home jungle gym. The crib is now gone. Actually really really gone. We sold it. We had no extra room to store it in our garage and I am not convinced I can even handle more kids. I seem to be maxed out with three right now. And if we do get another baby down the road, then we can buy a new one off craigslist or something. I am now contemplating selling all baby stuff at this point. Think of how much less there would be to store without it. My shelves would be free for more food storage instead.

8) Super Saturday: AkA Stupid Saturday (Bryan calls it that). The day when women in your ward get together to do crafts. It lasts all day. And I didn’t even do many of the crafts. I made an FHE chart (hat I realize I am likely not to use now because someone gave me a simpler idea while I was creating that one) and two Easter books that help lead your family in meaningful scripture study the weeks preceding Easter. I plan to give one of them away since I will only need one for us. They also had a home decorating presentation that inspired me to new heights of really wanting to spend money to decorate my house. So what did I get from the day? Not much other than great ideas on how to spend my money that I shouldn’t really be spending. I did have fun going out for half-price appetizers at Applebees afterwards with my friend Bri though.

9) #Q@%&$%^%(&. That one is top secret. It may be revealed later. Nothing monumental though. No babies or anything like that.

10) We visited Kennewick: We haven’t gone to see Bryan’s parents in a really long time. They have always been to see us lately since they can see Melinda and Benj here too now. It was nice to be there. Kennewick is so slow paced compared to here. I love it! They have put in so many nice parks and family friendly things in the last few years. While there we went to a pumpkin patch and had a nice time. The boys loved the trampoline in the backyard at Grandma’s too… And the ducks. And the toys. And Pay-per-view movies. And sleeping in a different place. We really enjoyed the visit. Hotel Grandma’s was a hit.

11) The primary program: I am now a Sunbeam teacher. I had the CTR 5’s the first part of the year and they switched me a few weeks ago. The CTR 5’s were perfect! I loved them! I am a bit more stressed with the Sunbeam’s. They are sweet kids but there are so MANY of them and a few of them are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY active. I have never seen a group of Sunbeams like these. We couldn’t even have them sit on the podium with the rest of the kids for the program. We ended up leaving them in the front 4 pews for most of the program because they were too difficult to get up and down from the diaz. They said their parts and then camped out coloring the rest of the program.

12) I’m sure this could be called “The other Category.” I filled my days with all sorts of other stuff that is too numerous to mention. I have just been busy. I have felt like I was doing the Tarantella. I was not dancing particularly, but I have been a workaholic again! I haven’t died yet, but I realize that I can’t do so much this next month.


Bryan November 3, 2008 at 11:20 p.m.

Man, all my secrets are out after this entry. Just for the record, I'm not a furniture hater in general, but that dresser was (emphasis on *was*) pretty bad. And as for Stupid Saturday, well, it was last year's project that led to this historic entry:

Need I say more?

Melinda November 6, 2008 at 8:12 p.m.

Ha ha Bryan you are funny. Ily you are amazing.