This weekend was action packed and ended up with me passing out on the couch after church from exhaustion. All because my motto seems to be “why do a little when you can do a lot?”

Micah has been anxiously awaiting the ward camp-out. He has been wanting to go camping this summer and because we have been busy, the boys have only been able to go to the Stake Fathers and Sons camp out until this weekend. Our poor ward activities chair had been railroaded into having a ward camp out even thought she isn’t a camper herself and we were actually excited to go. Bryan got sick this week, and I started to feel a bit awful too, but luckily we were able to go. If we wouldn’t have been able to we would have been in terrible trouble with Micah and never heard the end of it!

So the camp out was fun. Highlights include the getting lost finding the camp ground, the boys running around with glow sticks and flashlights and playing games with their friends, watching a small bit of entertainment from ward members, sleeping in a tent, getting rained on of course, Reece touching a hot lantern, eating a yummy pancake breakfast with great friends, dirty stinky sweet children with smudges all over, and exploring nature. You may have noticed that I mentioned how Reece touched a hot lantern. I can guarantee he won’t be doing that again. He has a few burn marks, but he seems to be recovering quickly.

Afterwards we came home, unpacked, took some cat naps and then Benj and Melinda came to visit. We let the boys watch movies since they were tired and the little guys went out to play in the back yard. Bryan and Benj went on a mission to try to print some really cool huge posters and failed, and another mission to replace some broken Lego mindstorm robot parts… which failed also. They did give a valiant effort. Melinda and I prepared tomatoes and pears for canning. Here is the run down on that process: Peel, Peel, Peel, slice, peel, peel, peel some more. It took a while. At least we got to chat about lots of stuff while we peeled and peeled. It was much more fun with her helping than me trying to do it by myself. She is a great peeler. And a great chatter. I am SO glad she helped! All said and done, after HOURS of work, we were able to process 16 quart size jars of asian pears and tomatoes combined. Ok, so a can of whole tomatoes is way cheaper to drive to the store and buy than to take the hours to process them yourself. The only reason it is really worth it is because they taste soooooooooooo much better. I hope I have the energy to process the rest of my garden produce this year. That first bit was just the beginning and I have a ton more to do.

So far we have harvested our Asian Pears and Some of our tomatoes.  They look so pretty in the jars.   ... See my Tabblo>

After that, I worked to bathe the boys and clean up the house after a day of kids playing and canning. It was a lot of work, but it was so nice to be on time to church for once thanks to us being mostly ready and having fewer distractions on the floor to slow us down.

I started teaching Sunbeams today. They will be my new Sunday workout. So far they were easy… but I have seen them in action when they all are there. Some kids were absent today. It will be a challenging calling!

Also, we have some news from church. They are organizing two new wards in our stake from 3 very large ones. One of those new wards will be meeting in our building and we get to move to a different building. The nice thing about the new building is that it is beautiful, though a bit small, and it has a really nice mother’s lounge. Unfortunately I have no babies to nurse in the mother’s lounge, nor is there very much parking at the new building. We still will have the 11 am time slot for church. At least we don’t have to share a building with 3 other wards now.

So our weekend was action packed and very productive. Now that I have woken from my nap, I am definitely thinking about paying someone else to can all my produce next weekend and going away to a spa instead.


J. Wise September 22, 2008 at 10:22 a.m.

Wow!! Impressive canning! Isn't it great to be able to do that--grow stuff and eat it months later?!

We drove by the new building yesterday after church. The kids were excited--they like it. They even wanted to go inside, so we did. The chapel is much smaller, and the seats are blue instead of the pinkish that we have at our building. It will be weird to go to a different building, but I'm glad the ward gets to go together!

Mindy H. September 25, 2008 at 11:09 p.m.

You're amazing Ily all that you do! I've not done any canning this year and will be sad when our last can of peaches from last year is gone. Oh well. It's just not the year to do a big project. Your chair upholstering sounds like they turned out great. Way to go with those in time for the shower!