It seems a few miracles were coming our way this fall.

Miracle #1: Bryan was offered a new job in Utah in September, he accepted, and started commuting to Utah in October. He has been staying at his grandparents during the week, house hunting in the evenings, and flying home on the weekends. I planned to move out at Thanksgiving with the boys into grandma’s with him so we wouldn’t be apart for too long whether or not the house was sold. I didn’t know how all the details would work, but I thought originally that Thanksgiving would be our moving weekend. I didn’t like the unknowns about that idea, but I knew that is what would happen.

Miracle #2: His company paid for the first three weekends home and gave him Fridays off without taking it from his vacation days so he could have a longer time at home.

Miracle #3: Our house was under contract for sale within one month in a down real estate market. We received an offer on October 30th.

Miracle #4: We agreed upon some houses when I came out to house hunt for three days in November. We made some offers, we negotiated, and now we are under contract for one home. My favorite of the three we made offers on.

Miracle #5: It has been taking 45 days to close on a house here in the Great NW. The buyer really wanted the home and said she wanted to close on the house by November 27th. We agreed to it, thinking there was no way it would happen and that we would have the house until mid December anyhow. We thought they would have to file extensions because the whole real estate system has been slow moving from offer to closing. At this point we decided it would be best to just let the kids stay in school the final three weeks until Christmas break and then move to Utah. We could stay with friends those last few days after we were out of our house.

Amazingly, they did not have to file extensions. WE HAVE TO BE OUT THANKSGIVING DAY. Whoops, we didn’t expect that. So now we are are back to the original plan of leaving at Thanksgiving. We found this out on Thursday. Wow, that was a shocker. We didn’t have movers scheduled yet. We have to sign on this Monday (EEK!) and the buyer takes possession of the house on Thursday.

Miracle #6. The movers can come on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Miracle #7: Bryan’s parents came into town to go to Melinda’s baby shower this weekend (Hurray for twins!) and have been able to help with the last few things we needed to get done that the buyer requested that I am not so able to do alone. They have also helped with entertaining Reece so I could run errands related to moving out of state without him. Thank you Murdocks! And Melinda, I am so sorry to steal your spotlight this weekend. I really did not expect too! We will have a fun party for you and I will try not to even think about the move.

Miracle #8: I have not died of anxiety yet.


Jennifer Wise November 23, 2009 at 9:27 a.m.

I am so happy for you guys and all your miracles. It's amazing how similar our miracles were this year, with jobs and companies allowing time off and buying and selling houses in this market and closing times working out better than expected, etc. I am SO happy for you guys!! Congrats!