Somehow we already reached July 1st. I still feel like it should be May! Time is flying quickly.

Isaac finished Kindergarten and is now officially a 1st grader. He is also now a troublemaker at church because a new boy moved in who Isaac adores and they giggle and talk all during class instead of pay attention. I am so excited for another boy Isaacs’ age! I am not so excited that his teacher had to talk to me about his behavior in class on Sunday. At least I know he is capable of better behavior and I don’t think his disruptiveness will last forever.

Reece now has 15 teeth. One more to go and he is done till he’s 2. I feel like he has been teething forever.

Micah is getting bored we think and I am planning to start him up with gymnastics again soon. He has lots of energy and I think that the gym will be a good place for him to get his energy out.

I went to a class recently out in Newberg, OR about babywearing. I went to show the class participants how to wear a mei tai and possibly sell some. I didn’t sell any, but I sure learned a lot of other cheap ways to wear your child. the teacher showed us how to use a long scarf to carry a child on your back. Even a beach towel can make a quick baby carrier without any sewing whatsoever. The teacher did it with ease, but when I came home and tried it wasn’t so effective. I learned one way to use a wrap (very complicated) and decided it was cool, and I learned how to make the easiest baby sling ever out of an old t-shirt. I tried the t-shirt sling and what do you know, but it does work! I think it is the only remotely comfortable baby sling I have ever used! All in all, I am still convinced mei tais are better and much more comfy than the free t-shirt sling, but it was cool to see the myriad of different ways to carry your child mostly hands free.

Happy Fourth of July to everyone out there! May yours and my homes not burn down because of the neighbors fireworks!