Living up here in the NW we have acquired some definite fashions and habits due to the weather. Here are some of the things we do now that we never did before we moved up here.

We wear Keens. They are the perfect NW shoe. They work great in a river, the ocean, a puddle, a hike, around town and they come clean pretty easy after they have gotten muddy or sandy. Plus they are comfy.

We wear fleece jackets.

We hardly ever go out with raincoats stashed in the car.

Rain boots: We all have them. They are an essential. I would never think of going to a pumpkin patch without them. Mine are knee high with fashionable polka dots all over them.

Vinyl tablecloths are stashed in the trunk at all times: We use these rather than a picnic blanket. They keep you dry when the ground is wet and the fuzzy side feels kind of blanket like when you turn that side up. Also, they can keep you dry at a soccer game while it is pouring down rain. Also, they make a good cover to protect your van carpet from your muddy rainboots that you wore at a pumpkin patch.

Umbrellas: We don’t use them, they are for visitors. They are one more thing to keep track of for us natives. And they usually break in the wind. And they don’t keep the rain off when it rains sideways. We pretty much only wear a raincoat and rainboots. Or we just don’t care and walk out in the rain without a coat. I don’t even cover my hair much from the rain anymore. Seriously, I love how women just don’t do their hair all big with hairspray here because frankly, it would get squashed in the rain.

Raingear: more people have this than snow gear. We do have both, but that is because we actually drive out to the mountains to find snow at least once a year. Each of us has a rain coat and a fleece. This way we can choose our layer the rain coat over the fleece and stay warm and dry at the same time.

Sandals: These are worn all year round- with socks even. I wear my wool socks with my sandals in the winter and I am perfectly happy and warm that way most of the time.

We have sunbreaks here: if the sun comes out, we drop everything and go outside. Days when there is blue sky from October to June are few.

We mow the lawn in the rain even: If we didn’t, the lawn would be taller than our house after the winter is over.

Soccer games are not canceled for rainstorms. Half the games would be canceled if we did. And even though it is cold and wet, we still all go watch the games. This weekend we had soccer games for the boys and it was chilly. We wore rain coats, because those are the most useful coat we own. We also used vinyl tablecloths as blankets, because they are so nifty and keep the wind and rain off. No rain today during the games woohoo. Today was a treat.


Jennifer Wise October 6, 2009 at 6:31 a.m.

See, THOSE are all the things I loved/love about the NW. LOVE it! It seems strange to me that people WOULDN'T do any of those things. I guess Utah will be a completely different animal??? I grew up in Utah but haven't lived there for so long that it's as foreign as South Carolina or Maine would be. It will be interesting to hear your adventures!

Melinda October 9, 2009 at 11:57 a.m.

Sooo true.....

We are going to miss you guys like crazy.....