While driving home tonight from visiting Melinda the birthday girl, we were given the privilege to change a flat tire. On an incline. First off, they put lug nuts on with machines. That makes them hard to get off by hand. Shucks.

Let me just say, having flares in your car, or at least the really awesome Snap-light glow stick in red, is really helpful in keeping people from running you down while changing a tire on the side of a road with no shoulder. Also, thank you Benj and Melinda for that cool plug into your cigarette lighter emergency light and air pump. It came in handy tonight. Glow sticks aren’t very helpful shedding light on lug nuts, but that thing was.

The jack we first used belonged to the Buick who had the flat tire. That jack couldn’t hack it. Or rather, it got hacked, well really just bent, in half by a falling car.

Next we tried our jack, in fact it was used for the first time ever and it was really tough to turn. Really tough. Like, too bad, but we never want to use that jack again tough. I have decided to never get a flat tire in our van. Not unless Bryan is there or a passing Acura stops to help us. Now let me tell you, the Acura jack though, it is nice. You almost don’t need a lever to turn it. It was like butter. Amazing. Wonderful. What makes it better? How can I get one? Why does Toyota give out wimpy jacks with every new vehicle? Should we have tried out the jack too before we bought the car? I am thinking maybe we should for the next car. Or maybe just skip to the part where we buy a pretty Acura… Ok, so that would be a bit out of our price range. But it would be nice to dream!


Melinda January 31, 2009 at 10:46 p.m.

You guys are so nice to stop and help!