Things are going well. Davis looks and acts a lot more like I remember his brothers looking and acting when they were newborns. Our Relief Society president is a NICU nurse and when she held Davis on Saturday she thought he looked good. Ily’s mom came Friday afternoon and has had to wait her turn along with Davis’s brothers to hold him.

We had tickets for the Riverton Demolition Derby that we bought about a month ago, so I took the three older boys to that last night. They loved it and gave Ily and Grandma a play by play report this afternoon.

I went back to work this week, and it was good to see how much they had missed me there. I was able to come home for lunch every day and help out a bit. We also realized this week that the 17 year old boy next door could use some money and we could use some help. He’s a great kid, so we paid him one day to take the boys swimming in the afternoon, and another day he took them ice skating. That helped Ily out a lot while
I was at work.

Davis goes to the doctor tomorrow, so we’ll find out how his weight is and everything else. I’m guessing he’ll be just fine.