On Saturday (April 24th) we finally got around to removing our snow tires from the van. We did it a bit prematurely I guess because today it is snowing. Just two days ago it was 70 degrees out. Strangely enough, I am enjoying the variety.

Two Saturdays ago it was 70 degrees out and the boys were out playing having a fabulous time with a young neighbor girl in swimsuits. For us, that was NW swimsuit weather, really it was. For Madison, it was a bit chilly. They all still had a ton of fun playing in buckets of water no matter the weather. We were the talk of the neighborhood as neighbors came out marveling and chuckling that our kids would even want to be in swimsuits in that mild weather. It was really sweet when our 83 year old neighbor Doug shook our hands at church the next day and almost got teary eyed as he said it was wonderful to see our kids out playing the day before. Kids are such a novelty here. At least we know one gentleman appreciates them and all their noises around here. I hope the rest of the neighbors enjoy them too.

Isaac has started baseball and has games on M and W nights. Wednesdays have been hard due to cub scouts on the same day and almost the same time on early game days. We were so excited to have some later games on Wednesday the past two weeks until we realized that now Bryan has scouts too at 7 which is the same time as the game. I have not looked forward to keeping the other two boys up so late for baseball games since I would have to take them but thankfully mother nature saved the day by making each late game Wednesday rainy. I never thought I would say this, but thank heavens for the gray rainy days!

Overall, I am glad we have had some variety in weather. It gives me a chance to wear my currently “out of season” maternity clothes a little longer and gives me more wardrobe variety at least.


Jennifer Wise April 28, 2010 at 6:27 p.m.

Nice getting caught up! Sounds like you're doing well, albeit extremely busy. And it's nice your neighbor likes kids. :)

dad murdock April 29, 2010 at 4:51 p.m.

It sounds like one those one insurance commerials that run up here in the northwest. The adds say "we are a little different like you, 70 degree swimsuit kids." Keep on having fun.