The Cottonwood Heights Rec Center – or CHRC- once known as the Cottonwood Spa 37 years ago according to the locals is a pretty cool place. We live within walking distance of it. I finally took our kids there on Friday for the first time. We are in love. They have all the stuff a health club normally has, except that instead of one lap swimming pool, they have 7 pools. Indoors they have a 6 lane 25 yard long racing pool, a diving pool, a warm specialty pool that is shallow and huge and perfect for the under 12 crowd to play in, and a splash zone pool with slides and fountains. Outdoors there is a 50 yard long racing pool, a huge diving pool, and a super huge pool with slides. It all looks pretty cool to me. I can’t wait for summer swimming out there!

The nicest thing is that the kids ran into friends from school and I made friends with one of their moms. It was a nice thing to do on an early release day!

We have now been back Saturday, and today. I am looking forward to exercising again.


Jennifer Wise January 14, 2010 at 7:23 a.m.

How cool! (I miss being within walking distance of ANYTHING!) It sounds awesome, too. Have fun!

Janelle January 25, 2010 at 10:42 a.m.

Hey! I'm loving your pix of your house transformation!! It looks great!! So fun to have you in Utah again! I really want to plan a Wymount Reunion. I wonder if they'll let us use the Quad! That would be so fun! We are in Lehi and I know John and Julia Whitehead are in American Fork or Pleasant Grove or somewhere like that. And Richard and Sarah Eich are in Eagle Mountain I think and Janet Eyering (and her family) are somewhere around here too. Ryan and Christina Jackman are down in Moab. I bet we could get a pretty big group together. What do you think? Spring maybe?