I mentioned earlier that Reece used the potty on his own while half naked last Sunday. Well, he has continued to do well this whole week using the potty as long as he is completely naked from the waist down. He also will only use his favorite IKEA potty. Not so helpful when you want to go out yet have to lug a potty with you which does not fit in a diaper bag. So we just haven’t really tried to go anywhere yet in a diaperless state. Amazingly he only has had three accidents- all when he was wearing a longer t-shirt that covered his bum. Out of sight out of mind I guess. As long as he runs around in the nude, he is a great little potty user, but cover things up even just a little, and it all goes down the tubes.

*****Warning, only read on if you have had children or can handle graphic details of the messes children can make***** And only if you think you can laugh at the situations that follow too*****

The accidents were pretty memorable. Once he pooped while sitting at the kitchen table on one of my nice dinette chairs which was thankfully covered in marine vinyl and easy to clean and disinfect. Another time he was sitting in his high chair eating and he peed in a giant fountain across the room (ok only 4 ft away really) onto two of my nice dinette chairs and the table. It was pretty amazing how much furniture he hit. The last accident occurred when he was playing in the sandbox and it all ran down into his rain boot which he was wearing. He really did not like the sloshing. So no more long t-shirts or rainboots for him since they cause him accidents. It is Naked Boy Reece for a month or so.

He really has done well at home. We are not ready for him to be out there in the world without a diaper yet though. Since he can’t seem to handle controlling his potty activities with clothes on, and we can’t take him to the grocery store without clothes on, he remains officially untrained as of yet. Next month though, maybe I will have the news that he is so good at potty usage that we have a potty party for him. And you will be able to visit us again without fear of seeing naked people running around.


steffenie June 8, 2009 at 12:59 p.m.

Lexa was also naked for a whole summer in Texas, but I am definitely glad I didnt have a boy who could pee 4 feet away!

Dad Murdock June 8, 2009 at 2:50 p.m.

maybe we can leave the potty details off the web site?