We have had a lot going on so I figured I need to write it all down so I won’t forget it. So here are some updates.

Update on the stove… Well, since the mouse adventure in February (did I mention it all happened on and around my birthday?), our oven has not been heating correctly. I had some sad burnt bread with doughy middles, some not fully cooked cookies, undercooked pizzas, and other things fail to cook correctly before I realized that hey, the oven isn’t heating right. After using a thermometer that belonged to an expensive repair man, we decided that the oven was consistently within about 75 degrees of the correct temp it was set for. So it should be within about 10 to 20 degrees of the temp it is set for, not 75. After finding out the repair for a new temperature gage on our 13 year old gas stove would cost $380 + tax, we opted for a new stove instead. So the new stove should get here this week. Until then, I have a great excuse to eat out more.

Update on the floor. We found a dip in the flooring behind our dishwasher last week which has had me worried. The current dishwasher is not leaking we deduced, it just came from the night the babysitter flooded the kitchen with the liquid dish soap (very funny story, but with this sad part to add to it). It got under the floor, then made it warp, but we think it is dry now and doesn’t have to be dealt with immediately. It will do for now and no one will die from the dip in the floor. We will need to replace the sub-floor eventually (and then replace the flooring on top of it), but Bryan would rather a new car first (or at least more reliable) . I would rather tile floors. We’ll see who wins… or what dies first.

Update on Reece, he took 3 consecutive steps (unassisted!) when he was in the childcare at our fitness club. Of course it was when we weren’t looking! I witnessed one step myself at the park on Wednesday though… He will be up and going any day now. He is ten months old, this is much too early for him to be walking!

Update on Micah… He wore underwear today. He wore 3 pairs… if you get my drift, but he did wear them. He did notice that it feels yucky to have pee all over yourself so maybe we will only have a few days of that. He is excited to make peanut butter popcorn, which is what I promised him if he actually peed in the potty. I think he will figure it out soon. Peanut butter popcorn is a huge motivator for him.

Update on Isaac… he read Green Eggs and Ham all by himself today. It was awesome! He has been working on it and this was the first time he made it all the way thru.

Update on Bryan… still very handsome and he even found time to mow the lawn this week. Plus he got out tools and figured out how to look under our dishwasher and investigate possible leakage problems. What a man I have!

Update on me… I lost another pound! That makes about 10 since Christmas! Wahoo! Slow going, but it is still going!