I found out today that Jenny Lloyd, who took care of Jason for a few hours on Friday got the flu too. Knowing how easy it is to catch this darn bug, I am thinking all her roommates must have it by now too!

I also have gotten a mild form of it. No vomiting and diarrhea, but I did get the fever and aches and a tinge of a queasy stomach, but no major problems. Fever I can deal with. I just sleep it off. That is not bad.

Micah seems fully recovered now. He is emotional only because he is dealing with grumpy tired parents who get too worked up when anyone makes a loud noise. I admit, any noise makes me freak out right now, I seriously think it is is vomiting at first.

Isaac is still perfectly fine. He plans to go to school tomorrow. I secretly am glad to have a place to send him away from the flu virus, but worried that he might end up with it after all and give it to all his friends at school and then we have singlehandedly started a pandemic flu outbreak at his school. I hope, hope, hope that doesn’t happen!

Our diet still consists of crackers, toast, Gatorade, ice cubes, Popsicles, and chicken soup. I have lost three pounds because of this modified fast. Bryan has lost 5 because of his illness and our wimpy diet. I hope the boys aren’t wilting away.

Reece has been sleeping a lot today. We have succeeded in keeping some stuff in him for a while and then just as we feel confident that he is keeping stuff in, he loses it. Poor kid. Ice and Popsicles are getting fluid in him though at a slow pace. I think that is what is helping him not lose it as quickly. He has only had three major episodes today. I hope this clears up soon!

Jason is still sick over at Melinda’s. Poor kid. Him having it for so long is making me think we are in it for the long haul with Reece. Melinda is being a trooper and miraculously is still doing well. As she put it, at least only her one son is sick, while I have had two sons and a husband get it. Frankly, I think all mothers have a touch of Superwoman in them when it comes to sick families. The amount of people sick doesn’t really change things much. Heck even Diane and Myrna, as sick as they were, were still helping with the efforts to clean up and comfort others. Diane couldn’t handle a pile of laundry that wasn’t folded so she was folding stuff even though she felt miserable. She even started cleaning table tops and moving furniture to vacuum under it. Diane let Reece help her clean and he was loving it. He felt special being in charge of the squirt bottle, how is that for comfort when you are sick?! Grandma Myrna was helping me clean up sick kids even though she felt awful too. Women just have a touch of the indomitable divine in them.