Just after I wrote up an email to someone convincing myself and them that I didn’t really need a bosch mixer yet so I could make bread, I found one on sale… and yes, you guessed it, I ordered it. i was also very tired that day from a vigorous swim and realized that there was no way I wanted to hand knead 6 loaves of bread anytime soon. hence, my breakdown in discipline my hasty decision to buy the New universal Bosch Mixer. Yeah! It is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday according to FedEx.

Am I excited? Oh yes I am. Can this machine mix bread dough? With more than 700 watts of power, it outshines the Kitchen Aid brand stand mixer. It can mix up to 9 loaves of bread in a single batch. Wow. It also comes with a free blender, no sales tax, no shipping, and I ordered the cookie paddles so I can make the awesome Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookies that blew out the motor of my previous mixer. The mixer I have now barely can handle that recipe… I fully expect it to die anytime now thanks to the hard work I made it do with those cookies.

So on Wednesday, I am guessing that I will be baking up a storm. Come by for bread samples!


Karen Thomas January 8, 2008 at 11:11 a.m.

Hey Ily,

I got a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for Christmas from my in-laws early on in our marriage and it remains the best present ever! I use it so much and it makes making cookies and bread a snap! You will love having a heavy duty stand mixer! Worth the money!