Early this morning we took Reece to the hospital to get the surgery for tubes in his ears. We had to leave by 5:30 am to get there on time for pre-op check in and such. His surgery was at 7:30. Since he had to go under general anesthesia, he couldn’t nurse or eat for at least 4 hours before the surgery. It was so hard not to nurse him since that is how I usually comfort him. oh well, we survived.

It was an easy surgery and really short, but he did wake up capital M-A-D. When they brought us back to him after the surgery we could hear him screaming from way down the hall! Poor guy. He didn’t calm down for almost 40 minutes. They say that anesthesia can make you grumpy and boy do I believe it! Once he finally calmed enough to nurse and fall asleep they said he could go home. Because they didn’t want everyone to hear him screaming again, they actually let him go home in his hospital gown! Baby gowns are much cuter than adult ones in case you are wondering.

I hope this helps with the ear infections. 6 before 6 months of age is a lot! Let’s hope we don’t get any more.