Our friends Brian and Maresa Jackson have this great dog named Trixie and we got to dog sit her yesterday during the day. Trixie is a boxer/ pit bull mix, 80 pounds of energy, and great with kids. Reece loves her, tries to ride her occasionally, shouts out her name in joy when he sees her, and likes to steal her dog bed when we go over to her house. For a kid who is shorter than her, he sure is brave around her. The older boys like her too and so it was a treat for all of us.

First thing, we wanted to take Trixie for a walk because it was a glorious sunny day. I know why I don’t have a dog yet- you can’t push a stroller and hold a leash for a dog that big at the same time. We walked to the park. When we got there, I realized I had a dog leash to hold and had be diligent about keeping her from bounding away to see other dogs at the park. She is leash trained, but she still gets really excited about other dogs. Let’s just say 80 pound dogs are strong.

After that, we decided to keep her at our house. I guess the neighborhood cats felt threatened by her presence because they left a half eaten bird for us in the back yard that they usually try to invade even though we don’t want them- ewww!

After cleaning that up (where are husbands when you need them?) we played in the backyard a ton all afternoon. Reece chased Trixie, Trixie chased Reece, the boys all chased her… it was great exercise for all. They played more in the backyard than they ever have. it was great fun to watch all afternoon.

We did take a break for Reece’s nap time and the big boys and I cuddled up to watch a movie. Trixie plopped down with us Micah snuggled up with her for a bit. Pretty cute.

No trouble occurred until someone rang our doorbell and when we opened the door, Trixie shot out the door and started exploring the neighborhood. I chased her around looking like an idiot and she was hard to catch. A neighbor was out washing his car and had his dog, another boxer named Samson, tethered to a tree. Trixie kept wanting to go see him and it totally looked like she was fighting him. Turns out that is how they play, but I was panicked at the time! We finally caught her and dragged her back home where she was put in time out under the piano.

So the verdict on us getting a dog= WE ARE NOT READY! So many little things made me realize that I am not ready for a dog. Am I happy to dog sit for a few days? You bet. It is like having grandkids, you love them when they visit, but you are so glad you don’t have to deal with them all the time!

So I still like Trixie? Yes! Do I want a dog just like her? Maybe, maybe not… maybe something smaller would be better for us.