Last week the kids took turns being sick so we did not do much. This week is the last week of summer for them. I had to make it fun. Here is what we did:

Monday: Ok- so shopping for socks and underwear and new shoes may not be super high on the list of fun things to do. It was necessary though. We did stop by the library to pick up their summer reading prizes and each of the kids came home with a new book to keep that they were proud of. They were able to play with friends also which was nice. The bad news is that we found out the Wii is definitely broken this day.

Tuesday: We went to Classic Fun Center in Sandy. It turns out that it is really fun. They have a jungle themed tunnel/tube section (similar to kids club Jungle playland in Vancouver) that puts the Mcdonald’s playland to shame, inflatables to romp on, a track for scooters to cruise around, a roller rink, arcade games, and water slides. I am sure there was more, but my mind got overwhelmed by it all and I could no longer take in more details.

Wednesday: We went to the Hogle zoo here in Salt Lake. It was fun. Way more fun than I remembered having last time I went there. We got there before it was too hot, but by the time we left it was pretty hot and we were moving really slowly because of it! We stopped to get a bit to eat at sonic after and then went to Back to school night at our school and got to meet our new teachers for the year. We all are excited after meeting these nice teachers!

Thursday: We met some friends at the Gateway Fountain that was created special for the 2002 olympics. As far as I know, it is the only fountain you can play in in UT. It was not very popular with my kids. We tried it once before and they did not like it much. We decided to give it another chance. Again, it was dud for us. I miss the good ol’ NW fountains. Something about them is just so much better. To salvage the afternoon, we came home and flooded the sandbox and filled up the baby pool. That was so much more rewarding.

Friday: Today we went to a Children’s Museum up in Ogden. It was fun. Then we ate an early dinner at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries which was a big highlight. Then after we got back home, we collected dad and went out for ice cream. The best kept Salt Lake secret is that Macey’s grocery store sells soft serve ice cream for cheap. We found out this secret and took the kids there only to find out that they have an even cooler secret there at Macey’s: They can make gourmet ice cream from scratch, to your specifications, at the Sub-Zero counter which is next to the soft serve counter and they freeze it right there for you with Liquid Nitrogen! HOW COOL IS THAT?! I have to go back just for that stuff soon!