We have a few pictures of our new house that we just moved into. Some changes have happened since these were first taken. So here you get to see the before pictures.

This is our new home.  The house we will forvever call the pink house even after we banish the pink from it.  The previous owner really liked pink.   ... See my Tabblo>


Jennifer Wise January 4, 2010 at 10:37 a.m.

Oh, very nice!! How fun to see where you are. You're right--somebody really liked pink and flowers, that's all there is to that. And then somebody's husband said, "It ain't ALL gonna be pink and flowers," so he decorated with flannel and rope. That is too funny. Isn't it interesting to see what other people like? So happy for you and the garage! And daylight basement! I'm assuming this house is quite a bit bigger than your Van house?? You'll have to post things as you change them over the months/years. P.S. My sister's house is 30+ yrs. old and one room has wood paneling in it. They added stone around the fireplace and decorated with a bear/moose theme, and now it feels like you're in a cabin in Yellowstone. Very fun!