About three months ago we noticed Reece’s big toenail on one of his feet had turned black like it was bruised really badly. We didn’t know how it happened, but knowing that he is a curious toddler and gets into all sorts of stuff, we figured that he dropped something on his toe and that the bruise would grow out. Then about a month ago we noticed that his toe nail was growing out, but more nail wasn’t growing. His toenail was just growing off. Ewww.

As his nail has grown out more, it was just held on in one tiny place and it was kinda yucky to look at. Morbid curiosity kept me looking at it. It finally happened last night that the last tiny spot it was hanging on by gave up. Reece must have stubbed that sad little toe and there was blood everywhere. The nail was just barely hanging on and I couldn’t bring myself to pull it the rest of the way off so I tried the bandaid approach. The band aid just made him mad, so off it came. I decided footed jammies might be best to catch the offending toenail when it finally came off and they might keep other things from making the toenail swing around.

He seemed happy enough with the whole situation as long as he didn’t have a band aid on his toe. Even the blood last night didn’t phase him. He just kinda looked at it and wanted to touch it and smear the blood around (ewww again).

This morning the nail fell off and the only reason he was uncomfortable was because it was in his jammie foot and scratching his little foot as he moved around.

So last night I felt so queasy about the whole toenail adventure, but now that it fell off and there is no more blood, I am totally fine. I am the one who cleans up all unpleasant bodily fluids when people get sick, but I can’t handle a wimpy little toenail! Weird, but I hope I never have to see a toenail fall off again! It was way grosser than the messiest of diapers and tons worse than watching your kids get vaccinations!

All this proves that I am not super mom. One measly toe nail can bring me to my knees. Can we say “I found my kryptonite?”


shannon December 22, 2007 at 9:12 p.m.

ewwww! You don't need to make any apologizes -- I'm getting squeamish just thinking about it!