When we first moved into our new house it had a really old fridge. We thought we would live with it for a bit because it did work and we were hoping to spend money elsewhere. After using it a bit though, we realized that the fridge was pretty much a junker. It was held together with duct tape in many places and though it would have worked for the widowed woman who lived in the house alone, it was not able to hold the groceries for a family of 5. Just the 3 gallons of milk we normally have in there used up the only usable shelves and left room for nothing else.

I started fridge shopping with two little boys in tow and it was a long day of looking at fridge options. By the second store, I knew what I wanted and what I thought was a good deal. I had measured my space and knew the maximum size I could put in the space. So we got a fridge that was pretty big, but not super huge. It has some good instant rebates on it and some incentives from the county PUD so I decided to go for it before my kids started going crazy in the store.

I forgot to measure the route in which they would have to bring in the fridge though. It turns out my fridge BARELY fit through the spaces we had to get it through. They ended up having to bring it up the steep (and icy) stairs from the backyard- I definitely had fear of the stairs giving out or an installer slipping on ice causing some horrible damage to them and the fridge, then into the house through our back door (which they had to remove), through the dining room, and then into the kitchen. They were barely able to fit it through the space between our counters and cabinetry. It was such a close fit before they put the handles on the fridge even. I was worried they would not be able to get the new fridge in even though it would fit our designated space for it. They almost had to lift it over the counter. That sounds risky and unpleasant to me for the delivery guys!

We had some food in the old fridge that we needed to keep cold so I was happy to be able to just stick our food outside in the snow for a few hours to keep it fresh until the new fridge was able to be used. That was the only good thing about getting a new fridge in the winter in Utah.

Amidst all of our updating to our home, one of the things we had to do was get the fridge out of the kitchen so they could put the new kitchen floor in. I dreaded this moment. I knew it would be very difficult to get that fridge back out now that it had handles on even. I was hoping they could maybe leave it in the room somehow. They couldn’t. So out into the snow went all of our food yet once again and long story short, those two Mexican floor installers figured out how to get it out and back in without breaking the dumb thing, nor ruining my new paint job on the cabinets…. and the floor looks awesome. Seriously, I almost took a table saw to the counter to make it not stick out so far just to protect my new paint job and my fridge! Once Dustin and Justin-the installers-were done installing the floor Dustin said “ The floor look good, the only thing I don’t like is the counter no match. You need Hranite (granite in his spanish accent).” Yep we are so aware of that pink counter looking rather awful. Just you come back in 6 months Dustin and see if we have something better in it’s place!

In case you are wondering, we got our flooring through our old friend from Washington named Sid Gayton. He and his family have moved to Utah from Washington and he runs Sunrise Contractors Network, a flooring company that mostly puts flooring in rentals and apartments both here and in Portland. He has some access to some really good stuff too at great prices, not just apartment grade stuff. So if you are thinking of putting in new flooring in the Salt Lake area or Portland, OR area, give him a call. He can hook you up!


Jennifer Wise January 28, 2010 at 6:19 a.m.

I didn't know the Gaytons moved! Cool you got your flooring through him! Glad the fridge did work out eventually! What a hassle. But hopefully worth it. And the Hranite, too, eventually. We're working on our new kitchen at the moment, too.