Last night we went out on a date. We had the best babysitter ever scheduled and had only thought far enough ahead to know that we were going to dinner at Applebees (we had a gift card from someone…we were excited for a free dinner). Benj and Melinda ended up joining us for dinner so we left all of the boys with Jordan, the best babysitter ever afore mentioned, and headed out for dinner together. We had a great time with them and then had to drop Benj and Melinda back off at our house to get their little guy Jason so they could take him home and put him to bed.

So there we are at home, having gone out and already had a fun time, the kids are in bed, and we have no clue what else to do that night. It seemed a shame to take the babysitter home that early, so we decided to go cruise and see what else we could find. No movies appealed to us enough to pay full ticket price. We already had dessert at the restaurant so going for ice cream didn’t seem practical. Going to a bookstore sounded a bit boring. Finally we decided what would be good. Test driving cars. No kids with us, and no time to get a salesman to work his dazzling magic on us.

The Toyota dealership was closing already, but they let us walk the lot and look in the windows of the vehicles. It was freezing cold and we didn’t last long. We saw enough to know that new vans are expensive and there were no used Siennas anywhere on their lot… must be a popular vehicle (duh).

We didn’t know where the local Honda dealership was so we decided to drive around to find it. What do you know, it was open when we found it. Amazingly, the 2007 Oddessy was a little less expensive than the 2007 Siennas we saw and gets better gas mileage too. Without further rambling about price comparisons, I will just say we test drove an Oddessy and it drove so nicely (gasp, it was so dang nice!). It felt less roomy than our current Dodge Grand Caravan, but it did have eight seats squished in and so many cupholders that they were just in the way. Luckily it was our least favorite color in a car so we couldn’t even be convinced to buy it that night, not even if we were bewitched by the sales guy.

I do still prefer the Sienna so far, but if we get a good deal, I could go for a Honda van someday. We don’t plan to buy a new van yet, maybe in February, but it was nice to go looking when we had no desire to purchase.

Having just replaced the transmission on the van, and having fixed the van door, and having fixed the big dent before that… well, lets just say, our van has had a lot of money sunk into it lately. It would be a little financially silly to go and get rid of it right now… but we sure would have more peace of mind about the vehicle we are driving if we had a Honda or a Toyota vehicle! I like our auto repair shop, but I really am sick of visiting them once a month for one car or the other!