The continuing saga of our vacation from kids and responsibilities.


The main event today was biking from Blyn to Sequim (it’s not obvious from the spelling, but those two almost rhyme).

Lazy morning

Found a grocery store in Port Ludlow proper, bought marshmallows, chocolate, and firewood in order to make smore’s. They were all out of graham crackers. We spent $15 on those few items.

Drove to Blyn with our bikes to pick up the Olympic Discovery Trail. We went into the tribal center Library and the woman at the front desk was very friendly and helpful. She told us we could park there at the tribal center and pointed out where the trail was. She printed out maps for us, told us where the bathrooms were and gave us some good tips.

After chatting with her a bit, we set off down the trail. Most of the trial is a paved path along where railroad tracks used to be, so it’s not too curvy or steep, though a few parts left where the tracks where. We spent probably a couple hours pedaling through the lush Olympic Penninsula forests with glimpses of Sequim bay always there through the trees, stopping to take pictures and drink water or snack. It was amazing. Then we arrived in Sequim. Sequim was a bit dissapointing. Sequim is in what’s called a Rain Shadow, which means the mountains around it squeeze all the rain out of any clouds before they get a chance to rain on Sequim. If you ever been to eastern Washington or Oregon, where I grew up, you’ve seen a large rain shadow. Sequim is the Kennewick of the Olympic Penninsula. It was windy, flat, and nothing special to look at.

Ily was tired and our bottoms were saddle sore, so we decided to ride the bus back to Blyn which we had heard ran every half hour. Well, it doesn’t run every half hour to Blyn, And we missed the first bus by about 3 minutes. And the 2nd bus pulled up, but was doing a different route, and did not park by the bus station and the driver got out to change the sign on the bus telling us where he was going and did not tell anyone and then drove off. We called the bus system via Bryan’s new fancy cell phone and asked what happened to the bus and found out we had missed it even though we had been sitting there for over an hour and seen every bus go by. They were kind enough to send a small Jeep over to get us and our bikes and take us back to Blyn. Ily was quite distraught that she could get a degree in mathematics in college but not figure out how to ride the bus system in Sequim.

Once we got back to our car, we drove back into Sequim and had dinner at the Three Crabs which was right on the water and quite yummy. After dinner we found another store to shop at and finally found some very over priced graham crackers for $5. That means we paid $20 in smores supplies for this trip. Then we came back to the cabin and watched Nacho Libre for the first time. Jack Black is hilarious. What a weird show. Definitely worth watching.



We spent the day with Puget Sound Express (add link). We rode a boat up to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. Ostensibly this was an Orca watching boat trip, but there were no orcas in the area today. We did stop near Whidbey island and watched two gray whales for a while, and on the way home we followed a minke(?) whale for quite a while. We had 2 hours in Friday Harbor to eat lunch and walk around. We ate at some crab place in Friday harbor that had nice outdoor seating high above the harbor where we watched boats come and go. After buying some souvenir t-shirts and walking around a bit we got some ice-cream and sat on a bench to watch two big ferry boats load and unload cars and people. It was all very slow paced and relaxing today. We even fell asleep leaning against each other for a nap for part of the ride home.

This night we finally made our fire and enjoyed the most expensive smore’s ever. Fires are always fun. Even if it starts to rain a bit. Which it did.



We packed up our belongings, said goodbye to the cabin, and set off to find a trail to hike. Headed south on Hwy 101. Stopped at first visitor center (actually before 101) and didn’t get too much help finding a hike. Headed south to Quilcene(sp?) and the ranger station there was very helpful. We decided to do the Ranger Hole hike from the Interrorem(sp?) cabin in the Duckabush(?) recreation area. It was about a mile to a cliff overhanging the Duckabush river. The heights at the cliff made Ily pretty nervous, but I took the last bit of trail down to the water’s edge.

Then we drove home to our chillun’s and awaiting extended family. We were ready to be back believe it or not.