For our wedding almost 9 years ago my mother made the most amazing quilt. Friends and family who came to celebrate with us signed quilt blocks and my mom arranged them and pieced it all together in a really cool work of art. She had it professionally quilted and it is fabulous if I do say so myself.

I had it hanging on our wall in our various apartments and then our home. I had nailed it to a board and hung the board up on a single screw we put in the wall. Now any quilt maker would gasp horribly at this, maybe cry, and yell at me for not preserving this art work better. The acid in wood actually deteriorates the fabric and wood slowly cause the demise of my lovely quilt. Also, PIERCING the quilt with nails?!!! How naive and stupid of me! So when I finally painted the wall behind where the quilt was hanging, I took it down, pried it carefully off the board that was holding it up, and began the process of thinking up a better way to display it, without ruining it.

We sewed a sleeve onto the back of the quilt so that we could slide the board through the sleeve, thereby avoiding the situation where I had put nails through the quilt to get it onto the board. We also wrapped the 6 ft board in a fabric so that the quilt would not come in direct contact with the unfinished wood that originally held it up. It was at this point that I realized we needed to borrow the ladder from neighbors again to rehang the quilt. That was too much effort to go get the ladder again… So it has been off the wall for nearly three years because of our laziness.

Last week I finally painted my sewing room (yay! only one more room to go in this house and it will be fully repainted from the original paint job from 14 years ago when the house was built!). As I was putting stuff back in the room, I found the quilt rolled up. Rather than just stick it back in a corner of my sewing room again, I decided it had to go back on the wall. In walk the engineering sides of Bryan and Ily… long story made, short, we brainstormed, we came up with detailed plans, we strained Bryan’s long arms a bit, and we got it back on the wall without even a ladder.

Wow. It feels good to have it back up. And that big, huge, enormous blank wall looks better too!


Lydia Preczewski May 19, 2008 at 7:01 p.m.

This sounds wonderful! You should post a photo. I've been working on my second baby quilt for a friend, or it's beginning to look something like a quilt...

I trust everyone is feeling better? That stomach bug sounds absolutely awful. It hasn't made its way to our area yet. We all just have stuffy noses and coughs here. Stay well!

Ily May 26, 2008 at 5:31 p.m.

Some day I will post a photo. You'll just have to come see it if I don't! Any chance you will fly all the way from New York just for that?