It took a month, but our new front door is fabricated, in our possession, and ready for painting! We actually have to paint it before we install it. As much as I would love to just get it put in right now… We have to wait until I, YES I, Ily the one and only, finishes painting it. We could have paid someone else to paint it, but there are really such better ways to spend $550. The door alone was at the low end of price as far as custom doors go (why did we buy a home that already had a custom door?) and that was as much as our budget could handle. So our basement family room is currently the workshop where I have set up paint central.

Here is our current front door:

From December 2010

Curb appeal awards will not be ours this year…Since the door was gonna go anyhow, we decided to use it for a testing ground to decide which color to paint the door. We ended up with 8 paint samples on the door total (Reece loves green so the inside of the door has color #8 which is green).

These are the first paint samples we tried and did not fall in love with:

From November 2010

Here is the door before we painted it.

From October 2010

It is a nice looking door, just not my style really. The drafty-ness of it is a major annoying factor too. The worst part is that it does not lock with weather stripping in the door jamb, or even stay closed easily. And those windows in the door make it so we can’t run around in jammies in case someone comes to the door because they can just look in and see us in full detail! The new door has no window, but the side lights have full length windows that will be easy to make a curtain for so we can run around in jammies freely at bedtime. I hope it turns out nice once we get it installed.

This is the basic look of our new front door. We will not have a window on top though.

Custom Sidelight Shutters

It will be dark blue on the outside and white on the inside. In case you really want to know, it is the darkest blue paint sample on the actual door (scroll up to look again) that we picked. I will post pictures when it is finally installed. I CANNOT WAIT! I am really excited to have a lovely energy efficient door installed!


Ily December 16, 2010 at 3:18 p.m.

The first coat of paint is on and drying. There is hope I will get the door done before New Years!

Jennifer Wise December 16, 2010 at 3:22 p.m.

Wow! Very exciting. It looks good in the picture you posted (the one that's not yours). Looking forward to seeing the final product. And the energy efficiency is huge, too. I get SO annoyed when I know that my doors/windows are drafty. It really bugs me. Hope you love your new door.