The last entry had many words. This one has all the pictures that should have gone with it. And few extras.

While napping the day before Isaac’s 7th birthday party, the yard dudes showed up to aerate and de-thatch our yard.   Yes, I had told them to come, they just don’t specify which day they will show up and they only rake up the mess if you pay insane amounts of money, because it happens to be insane amounts of work.   So I (Ily) was too tired and brain-dead to have the presence of mind to tell them to come back another day.

I woke up from my nap to this picture out the door.  Since I was planning an outdoor party, I was feeling really stupid that I let the yard dudes do this.  I was trying to think of ways to make lemons into lemonade, but really, how many variations of finding a needle in a haystack can you have?  Also, the thatch may look like hay, but it is much dustier and dirtier, and smellier, and just as itchy.   When telling Bryan this plan to try and make use of the thatch for the party, I misspoke and actually said “make lemons out of lemonade.”  He heartily agreed that that is what I would be doing.   ... See my Tabblo>

Isaac turned 7 this year.  He and all his buddies are huge Star Wars fans, so he had a Star Wars party.  He likes to play Lego Star Wars on the Game Cube, so Ily made a Lego cake, with Star Wars stuff on it.
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We spent Saturday of Labor Day Weekend at Seaside, OR.  The weather was amazing.  No wind, sunny blue sky, and about 70 degrees outside.  If you have never been to the Oregon coast, trust me, that is amazing weather.  We weren’t the only ones to figure that out because Highway 26 was a solid line of cars driving out there.  It kept moving pretty well though.
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We dug deep to find some pictures of our office that were taken before the big redesign.  Most of these were taken not long after we moved in to this house, back in 2003.  The one with the LCD flatscreen monitor is from 2006, and you can see that it hasn’t changed much over the years.

You can see the old desk that had been moved 7 times and would wobble if you looked at it funny.  The desk had lots of little shelves and place to put things, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but it ended up looking cluttered and messy most of the time.

You can barely see the mismatched shelves to the right of the couch, but they are there.  Our book collection outgrew those shelves and so they looked very overcrowded and messy too.   Add to that another desk (unfortunately a great place for me to make piles of stuff to attend to later… much later…) next to the shelves with one more computer for the boys on it and you get the basic picture.  It got very messy and I wasn’t good at cleaning it up because so much had to be done to make it neat! 

Lots of stuff got thrown in the  office if there was no place for it so every corner was basically full.  If nothing else, cleaning the room out to paint made me really have to decide what we really needed and what we didn’t.  I got rid of a lot of books that we no longer needed.  As well as lots of paper and other various broken computer parts and out dated hardware (do we still need a joystick for an Atari game when we don’t have an Atari?).  

It was glorious to have the room empty for a bit and start fresh with matching furniture.
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shannon September 13, 2007 at 5:24 p.m.

the weather at the beach sounds amazing! I soo wanted to go to the beach this summer, but we never found time for it. Maybe next year.