Facebook has killed our blog. Sorry 'bout that. We will try to resuscitate it by adding another entry. This is the summary by month entry. Enjoy!



February was yet another busy month for us. We got new windows installed in our new to us old house and we feel the difference already. It has added so much to the comfort of our lives! Also adding comfort, we finally found a babysitter and now we have gone on a few dates. We have not been very adventurous on our dates, but we did manage to drive to Downtown SLC and eat at Red Iguana twice which was very yummy.

The weather has warmed up a bit and the kids have been out playing more and we have been finding the neighborhood kids. Our culdesac is a great place to play and our front stairs, bushes, and trees have become quite the jungle gym. It is so nice to have the kids go out and play now with friends. We have even ventured out on our bikes a bit. Micah, Reece and Ily rode bikes to the park last week and found out that there is really no flat road to ride on in our neighborhood… And at the bottom of every hill is a deep trough for melting snow run off that you have to slow down for so you don’t crash, which makes you have to work REALLY hard to get up each hill. Bryan has been riding his bike at lunch time with some guys at work and has complained about that very thing and now the rest of us agree that you have to work hard on your bike rides here.

This month we took the boys to Monster Jam, which is our very first family outing to a Monster Truck Show. Ear Plugs were our favorite accessories there. It was pretty darn cool. Micah was excited to take pictures and videos of everything. The boys came home wanting Gravedigger, a famous monster truck, to come their next birthday parties. This will make birthday party planning much harder for Ily for this next year!

Ily was called to be road show specialist for our ward and has been working hard writing the script and rallying the youth to show up for rehearsal. It has helped us to get to know the ward members better and we now feel part of the ward rather than newbies. The show is March 24th and 25th and it will be a relief when it is over!

Bryan also received another calling this month and is now Assistant Scout master as well as 12 & 13 year old Sunday School teacher. Once the road show is over, he will start the fun of his new calling.

Living in Utah has provided us some fun perks. One weekend we were able to go down to BYU and visit the Creamery on 9th for massive ice cream cones and experience some BYU nostalgia. Also we are closer to Rexburg, ID and we were able to see Arthur and Sarah when they came down to visit Sarah’s family. We were so impressed with how well behaved their 5 kids were. Another perk is living super close to ski resorts and Bryan took the older boys skiing again. This time, the boys ventured onto the Halfpipe. They were inspired to try it by watching the Olympics. They did not catch air at all. The switched back and forth a few times and then snowplowed the rest of the way. It was pretty cool that they even wanted to try.

You may remember that Micah has had several missing teeth for 6 months or more now. This month they finally started to grow in! Yay! He can eat apples again!

Our most exciting recent news is that we found out that our new baby has boy parts. We were a bit disappointed at first to not get a girl finally, but now we are excited and happy to have another little boy running around in cowboy boots. It sure is nice to not need to get new pink snow clothes, nor pink bikes, pink bedroom decor, or invest in a whole new girly wardrobe. Ily will miss sewing cute skirts and dresses, but that is why she has nieces!



In March we had a lot of fun. We were able to spend lots of time working on the Stake Road Show Entitled Disney Do-Overs. Ily was the ringleader who wrote the bulk of the script and had lots of ideas on props, costumes, and music that somehow all came together with the help of many brave people in our ward. Since we have so few youth (6 girls and a little over 10 boys), we decided to add the primary children and any adults who wanted to be a part of it too. Reece got to be baby Simba and the boys got to be various animals and wildebeests. It was a ton of work, and involved lots of creativity and sacrifice (the dumb lion manes killed our washing machine, which gave Bryan a nasty deep cut when he tried to fix it, and then cost us too much money to fix when a technician was finally called…) but ended up being a total memory maker and tons of fun. The show turned out great by the end and was total group effort and we are all proud of what we were able to pull together. We are all so glad it is over though. Boy, we are glad!

A celebration we rarely ever miss is Pi day on March 14th (3.14…) and this year was no exception. We had some friends over to share in some pie eating and play some geeky logic games all to celebrate the magical number Pi. We had 6 pies and one LARGE Cookie to sample and it was some good eating. It was enough to send a person into sugar shock. Oh yeah! This may be the only holiday we celebrated correctly the whole school year. Let’s see: Thanksgiving we sold our house and moved which are grateful for, but really threw of our groove; Christmas we ate ramen soup instead of feasted and wondered where all our kitchen pots were in the piles of boxes that surrounded us: New Year’s we probably went to bed early and ignored it because I don’t remember it: MLK Day was forgotten: Valentine’s we barely remembered; President’s Day is also a blur; we totally forgot about St. Patrick’s Day and did not wear green nor dye the milk green nor eat green food nor lay out a leprechaun trap as is our custom… Yep this has been a different kind of year for us. Let’s hope we get more festive by the next time around.

The elementary kids at our new school worked very hard to present a patriotic program entitled Hearts and Hands Across America where all the grades performed patriotic songs and presentations. Micah’s grade wowed us with actually reciting the whole Preamble to the Constitution and singing the Pledge of Allegiance and singing Lee Greenwood’s famous “Proud to Be An American.” Isaac’s grade sang Yankee Doodle Dandy among other things and it was fun to see Isaac delve into the history behind the songs his grade chose. It was a cool school wide show and reminded us that here in Utah people are not afraid to be American, whereas in the NW people want to be so multicultural and diverse and PC it gets kinda awkward to be patriotic. It was a bit refreshing to say the least to see the program here.

At the end of March we took off for a road trip to the fabulous (multicultural) NW that we just left to meet Melinda’s babies finally and to spend time with them, attempt to help them with the new house- which we were not much help with anyhow but we are excited to have seen it, and to see our old friends. It snowed on the way there and rained off and on just about the whole time we were in town. We all had fun holding babies, romping like crazy monkeys with Jason, chatting, and wandering through Melinda’s new house. We are so impressed with how well Melinda and Benj are adjusting to having twins and want to thank them for letting us come see them. They are pro parents! It was a good trip. Since part of the trip happened in April, I will save the rest of it for and April update.