Yesterday Isaac’s school had early release so me and my friend Heather decided to take the afternoon to go to OMSI with all our kids. There is a new Dinosaur exhibit there that the boys were really excited to see. We made it there no problem.

It was so liberating to travel lightly- all I brought with me was my new “fanny pack” or sidekick as the label called it (better sounding than the fanny pack nickname) that I got for Christmas from my in-laws. I love this thing! Now that Reece is getting older, I don’t have to take a huge diaper bag everywhere and I REALLY love that! This little sidekick has room for a few diapers, some wipes, a camera, my keys, some small snacks and a few credit cards and money. It is really cool.

Too bad the sidekick does not have enough room for spare clothes for the 4 year old who wet his pants because he didn’t want to miss anything at the museum and waited too long to tell me he needed to go potty. So adventure #1 is that I had to figure out what to do with the soiled clothes and figure out how to get him more clothes. I had spare clothes for him all the way out in the car, but I couldn’t leave him in the bathroom all by himself while I walked the ten minute walk to the car and back to bring him back some shorts, yes shorts, that is what I have in the car. He hasn’t had an accident since summer so I haven’t thought to update the stash of spare clothes. I will be putting sweatpants in today to be seasonally appropriate you can be sure. The solution: rinse out his clothes so he won’t get itchy from the pee and so they are a uniform color too (no dark wet spot in a conspicuous place) and put the wet stuff back on him. Then send him off to play at the water table so the rest of him gets wet too and he forgets what happened. Did it work? Thankfully, yes!

Adventure #2 begins as we decide it is almost 4:30 and time to drive home so we can get through the Portland traffic in time for dinner. We get in the car and begin the drive home. We take the freeway exit and realize too late that the roads are gridlocked. A long time later we take the next exit to try to get to the I-205 bridge a different way that might not be so clogged. It turns out everything was clogged- in town, on the freeway, random back streets… as long as you were trying to make it to one of the two bridges to Washington, you were not going to get any closer. We ended up in a less than desirable part of town after almost 1 1/2 hours of mostly stand still and we decided that we needed to stop to get dinner for the kids and let them run around to wait out the traffic. The dilemma now was that all we could see were bars and other establishments of ill repute.

We called Bryan to be our traffic consultant with the internet to find us an alternate route home. He got us sorta closer, but not really. Instead we had to settle for being in a better part of town to stop in. So we stopped at a Jack in the Box and camped out. Traffic finally dissipated after an hour and we got back in the car with some very tired kids and started the trek home. It was still clogged at the bridge, but this time it only took half an hour to travel the 2 miles from Jack in the Box and then get over the bridge and home. This drive should be 10 minutes, not 30, but who is counting at this point?

We could have walked home from OMSI and made it home by dinner, but driving was impossible. Thanks be to the creator of the portable DVD player that kept the kids happy for most of the drive. If the LDS church could saint people, I would definitely be voting to make that guy a saint. Call him the patron saint of road trips or something.

Thanks to Bryan, we found out what some the traffic delays of the evening were: The I-205 bridge was down to two lanes because police were investigating something “suspicious” and there were tons of different accidents all over. How any one could wreck their car in stand still traffic, I have no clue. I would think they would run out of gas rather than disable their car in a collision in traffic like this.

Once upon a time I experienced traffic like this trying to come home from Portland and swore never to go there again. I went back on my oath and tonight I paid for it. Portland traffic still remains the yuckiest thing I have ever experienced, childbirth with an epidural that didn’t work was better than this!