I was called by our bishop in our new ward to be the Road Show specialist for a road show our stake is putting on this year. Road shows used to be done every year, but they have since been discouraged by church leaders since they take so much time and often put burdens on families. This is the first one our stake has done in several years. The theme for this show is Disney Do-overs. Each ward gets to pick a Disney movie and then retell it in 10 minutes. Our youth picked Lion King. After much thought, our script ended up being a combo of Lion King and Kung Fu Panda with a few references to Star Wars and The Princess Bride.

It has been fun, yet stressful for me in several ways. Little did I know the rewards of doing this would only be as great as the challenges….Without telling you all the stories and complaining too much, I will just tell you that I accidentally sacrificed my washing machine to the road show cause. To make Lion manes for our main characters, we decided mop heads would be cheap and fairly simple to dye and turn into the desired product. Let me just say that the mop heads from ALL A DOLLAR are not great quality, difficult to dye, and when they go through the wash as part of the dying process, they clog your machine and leave you with a non-usable washer. Not very helpful for me when I need clean underwear for pretty much everyone in the family and I have no way to wash laundry at home!

So this morning when I could have been working on other stuff, I took four huge bins full of laundry- one of them soaking wet because the washer won’t drain at the moment- to the nearest laundromat. The hard thing about that is it is rather awkward to get all of my clothes down the stairs in this house and into my van while pregnant. The good thing is that I did get it all done in less than two hours. Getting it done quicker is my consolation prize for the washer trouble of today.

So don’t come visit me today because not many of us are wearing clean clothes and we are not too pleased about the washer situation. I keep trying to see the bright side, but I am having a hard time. If you drop by, I may complain about life or the road show or something. Spare yourself the agony of having to listen to me whine!


Jennifer Wise March 9, 2010 at 9:09 a.m.

Road show?!? Wow. I bet that is fun, insane, time-consuming, and hard. Too bad you had to sacrifice your washer for dollar-store mops! :(