August revisited:

We had a Murdock Family reunion at a beach house in Cape Mears, OR. It was a great family trip. We played at the beach, searched tide pools, had a few campfires, made smores, watched the Olympics opening ceremony together. Had some quiet time, had some loud time, cousins played. it was great.

On the less bright side, we had an incident where we washed the cell phone in the washing machine at the beach house. Whoops. My jeans stunk like a campfire. I wanted to wash them. I forgot to check one pocket, which happened to have the cell phone in it. Washed cell phones don’t work as well. I tried to live without it for a week and actually couldn’t handle it. No one ever calls, me on it really, but I sure call a lot of people on it. And I use the alarm function all the time and the timer too. It is my brain, I can’t live without it! When I went to just go buy a new one, it was gonna be $200 to buy the same phone again so we opted for the cheaper used option. It is amazing how many people sell their old phones on craigslist. We bought one for $25. Found out the battery wasn’t too reliable so we bought another one on Ebay. While we are waiting for it to come in the mail, another friend lent us his old phone that he had sitting in a drawer. If we had known that we were gonna get this phone, then we wouldn’t have bought the Ebay one. Whoops again. So now we have too many phones and only one line. Feast or famine. Isaac keeps telling us to give him one of the phones. Some kids in his grade have them. Mind you that they are going into 2nd grade now. I see no reason for him to have a phone at age 7 and 11/12ths.

On the even less bright side, as we were packing up the van to leave the beach house, we forgot to pack up THE FAVORITE BABY BLANKET and my favorite pillow. Devastating. Reece had a rough time sleeping without it. I was in such a panic that I almost drove back there that night by myself in the dark to go get it, regardless of who might be staying there after us! It finally came in the mail thanks to the management at Beach Break Vacation Rentals who manage the property we stayed at. It was a very rough week and a half until it came.

My favorite pillow didn’t get sent back to us though… maybe that is why I am having trouble sleeping?

I broke Roomba on accident during the month. I got some replacement parts for it, but Roomba still is having issues occasionally… I actually have to sweep again sometimes because Roomba gets all out of sorts. How sad. I love that vacuum. It was so cool.

We went to the Washougal river to play a few times and have had a great time. We bought a little raft and have let the kids float down the “rapids” in it. I am hooked and wish we had more warm days in order to go play in that river!

My Mom came to visit this month too. It was a nice trip. We went to Powell’s Bookstore, ate lunch just the two of us at PF Changs and had the most delicious meal… the lamb was amazing. I took her to IKEA for her first visit ever there. We took family pictures (already mentioned in a previous entry). We even went to OMSI. This time I even took the older boys on the US Submarine that they have docked in the Willamette river right outside the museum. Because of the tour, I have decided to never let my boys join the Navy or Marines. Overall, I think we had a nice time during her visit.

And now if I can get thru this week, I will say that August has been successful!