Ok, Christmas has come and gone, and no you didn’t miss it, we just haven’t posted about it yet.

Instead of getting up to date, I am going to skip ahead to talk about today. Today was a whole lot of fun. Instead of staying up late to watch the ball drop on TV or going out to party, we stayed home and went to bed early. Bryan was funny at bedtime because after kisses he said to the boys “See you next year!” That worried the kids until we reminded them that next year begins tomorrow.

To celebrate the new year, we decided to invite friends (this year two families came) over to have pancakes and play. This event will forever be known as the FIRST ANNUAL PANCAKE PICNIC. We ate breakfast together and then all 9 kids ran upstairs to play while us adults played games downstairs. We played Apples to Apples- the highlight being that meatloaf got picked as sexy and Europe was declared very European.

This is how we partied for New Years this time around.  A pancake breakfast on New Years day.  Ily made the invitations and the orange juice and Bryan made the pancakes.  We liked it so much, we’re gonna do it next year too.  You are invited, so start planning for January 1st, 2009 now.
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The kids played pretend that they were defending a castle from bad guys. They kept throwing each other in jail (Reece’s room) and having a grand old time shooting each other (never mind that there weren’t guns during the middle ages) and pretend sword fighting. Even the littlest boys had fun.

It was so cool to be able to say “go play” to the kids and they did, and they were playing imaginatively, AND we got to play our game in peace, AND hardly anybody got hurt or maimed AND no one was sent to the hospital. It is so nice to have our kids grow up a bit. We are at a good stage right now (but that could- and often does- change at any minute).

Since this year was such a success, we plan to do it next year too. I love this activity for safety reasons (no driving on the road late at night with crazy drunks) and for sanity reasons (going to bed early sure makes us all a lot more cheerful and less likely to spend the day grumpy and exhausted). As long as we are home for New Years Day, you can likely show up at our house for pancakes and a good time.

Oh, and one more thing. Bryan got obsessed by a desire to solve the Rubik’s cube today. He did it too, with, ahem, a little help.


Mindy January 4, 2008 at 10:10 p.m.

What a great idea to go to bed early and enjoy new year's day tired free! I love your idea to have pancakes together with other families. Sounds like a great new year's tradition!