Today I went shopping ins search of drapery hooks. I decided to be smart about it and call places before I went to them to verify whether they had them or not. I called a few places and I was able to find that a place called the Design Company at 2200 South and 500 East in Salt Lake had some for inexpensive. I went there after Reece and I picked up Micah from morning Kindergarten.

I found it in a less than desirable neighborhood and it had lots of old windows that were cracked and broken. I thought “Oh dear, our van will get robbed while we are inside and the building will collapse on us too-great.” We decided to go in anyhow and boy was it magical inside. Totally like something out of Harry Potter! Dilapidated and small outside, enormous and beautiful inside! This place has all sorts of decorator fabrics and denims and trims and tassels and window treatment hard ware… and even better were their examples! It was truly beautiful inside! It was like a maker’s heaven! I loved looking at all of their window treatments that they had everywhere and I wished I could just fork out money for them to make my dream drapes. I can make curtains, but they can make DRAPES. Like works of art those window treatments were.

Ok. So that was an exciting place to find here in Utah. Next time I will drive Bryan’s car though. Save myself worrying and about my treasured family van getting stolen.


Jennifer Wise February 18, 2010 at 6:34 a.m.

It DOES sound like the Weasley's tent at the Quidditch World Cup! :) Cool place--good find!