Here are some pictures from Micah’s Birthday. It was a fun time. I would love to host parties like that one all the time! It was easy and fun. I like that combo.

For Micah’s 5th birthday, we decided to actually go somewhere for it this time.  I usually do parties at home, but after our stressful Christmas where we got snowed in with no hot water, I decided I would appreciate not throwing a party at home.  We chose to take Micah and his friends to Naydenov Gymnastics to play and romp around.  You can see the foam pit, the Johnny jump-up supremes, and the trampolines were fun.  Also, the cake of the year is most definitely a crab.  Micah wanted a Cake with Claws.  
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Melinda February 6, 2009 at 10:32 a.m.

We had a lot of fun! Jason was fearless and I loved it!