For the MLK Day three day weekend, we had initially planned to go ski with Isaac. But then sweet little Micah asked when will it be winter so that we can go play in the snow and go sledding… He was too cute so we decided to change plans and have all of us go together to go sledding. Grandma and Grandpa Murdock decided to come join us and we had our neighbor Susan again and her son Alex too.

The worst part was getting all bundled up once we got there. It was freezing cold and the kids kept complaining about how cold they were and we just couldn’t get them all bundled up fast enough. Also, Poor planning on my part was that I didn’t check if the snow boots fit each child with 2 pairs of socks on. Reece’s wouldn’t go on until we only left on thin socks and Micah, well, we just had to push really hard…I am sure his toes got colder because his shoes were so tight that his circulation suffered! After they were all bundled up they were fine, but oh it was such a cold ordeal to make them all warm! I think it was 20 degrees out when we got there.

We went to this Snow Park on Mt Hood called Little John’s and it has a few hills to sled on and some snow shoeing trails and trails for snowmobiles. We had a blast sledding. It was hard to get a turn because Micah wouldn’t share his sled. He mostly liked laying at the bottom of the hill (prime target for other sledders) holding onto the handle and using it as a shovel.

There are two main hills to sled on at Little Johns’. They face each other and everyone ends up in the same area at the bottom. It gets kinda chaotic. You start down when it is clear, and then wham, you collide with someone at the bottom. It doesn’t always happen, but someone mentioned that each time they come, someone has to leave in an ambulance.

We have never seen that happen until this trip. A young man hit his head while sledding down and had some seizures and it was pretty scary. We felt grateful to have had Doctor Murdock with us that day. There was also a pediatrician and a nurse and so the young man was in good care until the paramedics came. There was some debate as to whether he started having the seizure before he hit his head, which would explain why he did so little to protect his head and why he had so many abrasions on his face. My sweet kids have been adding that boy to their prayers all week. I love to hear the prayers of little children, they humble me so much.

I did get hit by a person on a tube who I didn’t see coming, but no major head trauma evolved from that… or did it? Only those around me could honestly say if I have been acting crazier lately than normal. As far as I know, I am the same grumpy old me. I am glad that the woman on the tube hit me rather than Micah who I was pulling on the sled out of the way of oncoming sledders. Man. It is just hard to look everywhere at once! I don’t know if that woman who ran into me has a big headache still, but I know that I am fine. I was a little less enthusiastic about sledding after that too.

We might try to find another snow park later this year… Or hope that our neighborhood park gets snowed in again this year like last year. It was so snowy for one day that I could pull the boys all the way to the park in the sled and the hills were just right for us all to go sledding on. It was fabulous. And much closer to home. And no ambulance adventure. Yeah, let’s hope for that.


shannon January 28, 2008 at 6:02 p.m.

how fun! And kinda funny because we were this close to going tubing this last saturday. But I guess we would've missed each other.