One of the major goals for first grade at our school is to count to 100 easily and do it with gusto. For the 100th day of school this year, the kids had a big 100 party. The whole first grade went into the activity room (gym) at the school and spent some time doing 100 activities. There was making treat soup from all of the treats kids brought (100 cheerios, 100 pretzels, 100 M&Ms;, etc), bounce a ball 100 times, cut out and glue 100 words from a magazine, do 100 math problems, take 100 steps to the playground, and many more that were fun.

The crowning activity was for all the kids who read 100 books before the 100th day to turn the school principal into a human ice cream sundae. So our school principal, Mrs. Kristine Waddell, dressed up in a garbage bag and swim goggles, sat in a kiddie pool called the Throne of Dignity while kids got to pour sundae toppings that they brought for this event all over her. Micah brought Magic Shell. The kids loved it! They even made the news.

The kids then got to use the toppings for their own real ice cream sundaes which was a super hit. Micah was proud to share his Magic Shell with others and thanks to his rationing it when using it on the Mrs. Waddell, he had plenty leftover to eat and share. What a fun tradition at this school!