I took a friend with me to the club to go swimming today. She was very fast and her flip turn looked much better than mine. So I watched her and we tried to break it down so I could copy it and wow, I could feel the difference it made. It was hard to get down, and really I only do it right like every third flip, but I was able to swim much longer today without as much fatigue. I think I swam 1400m instead of 1150 like I usually do and I hardly noticed a difference. The better technique really helped.

In the lane next to me was a 70 year old woman who looked amazing in the pool. I was so bummed when I realized we were swimming the same speed (I was prideful enough to think that I was supposed to swim faster than a little old lady who could barely walk) so I thought I must really be doing bad… but then I watched her and she just looked great! I hope I can still swim like that when I am 70! So I got to eat some humble pie today to squelch out my dose of pride that was vexing me earlier. And for the record, she walks just fine. She just looked frail at first glance. Or my eyes don’t work right. Either option is possible!


Kate November 12, 2007 at 4:50 p.m.

I love swimming! That's awesome you do laps. I go swimming with my friend Marie a couple mornings a week. That is what can be frustrating about swimming--it's all in technique. I trained one morning with my friend Jason who does Ironman Triathlons and I was faster than he was. Obviously, it was not because I am in better shape. Technique is everything!