This weekend was a really nice weekend. Mother’s Day weekend has to be best with little kids around. It is so cute to see my kids actually be sweet instead of cranky or bickering. This was an amazingly mostly bicker free weekend too. I loved it.

Without much ado, I will tell you about the sweet stuff:

Friday Micah asked which side of the bed I sleep on right now (we switch occasionally since we are too lazy to rotate the mattress every month… we still do it, just not as often) so he could sneak into my room and leave my Mother’s Day present on my pillow.

Saturday he asked to stay up late so he could surprise me and put my gift on my night stand after I went to bed… No he can’t stay up late, but he CAN sneak in in the morning to do that… and it was so cute the next morning when he snuck in. What a sweet boy!

Reece proudly handed me his little gift that he made me for Mother’s Day in preschool as soon as he jumped into the car. He then told me all about how he got to use green ink (his FAVORITE COLOR and he lets you know all about it) to make hand prints on his little gift and then he gave me an in depth description of how he washed his hands after and how the green magically came off. He was beaming, it was so cute!

Reece has often told us that he has a brother Sam. Sometimes he means it in reference to a good little friend of his who we spent lots of time with in WA, sometimes he meant it to be a little boy we did preschool with in WA, and for a while, he wanted to name our baby boy Sam. Well, there is this nice little boy on Micah’s soccer team named Sam and when Reece heard his name at the game this weekend, he ran up and hugged him oh so sweetly and patted him on the head… Sam’s response was: “That was weird.” Our response was to laugh whole heartedly. I guess Reece thinks all boys named Sam are his brother? It was cute, and funny, and gave us a good laugh.

When opening my Mother’s Day presents Reece was so sad to be empty-handed (remember how he already gave me mine?) that he went and found a punch balloon he had been playing with to give me that had lost it’s string. He said “It is kinda broken, but it IS green Mom!” Ahh, as long as it is green, it is the perfect gift from him.

Isaac gave me a recipe book that his class put together for their mothers for the holiday. When he asked what my favorite meal for dinner on Mother’s Day would be I wishfully said yellow curry with chicken from a Thai restaurant and his face lit up when he remembered there was a Thai dish recipe in the cookbook that his friend put in. We glanced at the ingredients and decided that we just don’t keep Galanga root and 4 cans of coconut milk plus other rare ingredients for here on hand so we decided that something else might be better for dinner that night. He was so excited to try at least! Not much gets that kid excited, nor does he particularly enjoy cooking for others, so I was very thrilled he even showed any signs of enthusiasm for making someone else happy by cooking them their favorite meal.

On Saturday night we babysat my friend Jandy’s kids so they could go out on a date and she happens to have a baby. My boys all loved the baby and had fun toting him around and making him smile and playing with him. It was cute to see them actually enjoy babies and be so nice to someone else. Isaac is most especially a baby lover. He will make a wife so happy some day by how he treats their kids.

And to not leave out Bryan, he was so awesome to take the 3 boys to a pro soccer game (Real Salt Lake) and leave me a quiet afternoon. He is the best husband ever! I got to read a book, take a nap, and enjoy silence in the car for a short drive to pick up pizza for dinner. It was heavenly! Plus he thoughtfully got a me a new pair of earrings for Mother’s Day- Maybe he was a bit embarrassed that I was wearing a mismatched pair for the last year since they were the ONLY two earrings I owned that did not make my ears inflamed? What a good man for tactfully addressing that need. He also got me a new set of pots for which I am extremely grateful. Our old pots were incompatible with our flat top electric stove. I am excited about them and he may start getting better quality of food here soon. All are made happy by that present.

Someone asked me how I survive with only boys and I just think “They are so dang sweet I wouldn’t trade them for the world!” I would gladly have a girl someday, but since I have no desire to be pregnant again, I will be grateful to have 3, soon 4, fabulous boys any day! I may need a girl dog sometime though. Just so I am not the only female in the house forever.


Jennifer Wise May 10, 2010 at 3:49 p.m.

That is awesome! What a great weekend. You do have really sweet boys. My mother-in-law has only boys, and I'll tell you-- she feels like her granddaughters (and daughters-in-law) were totally worth the wait.