This summer we have been having fun. Here is what we have been up to:

Swim lessons at the rec center down the street- so I can make sure Reece is less likely to drown himself.

Swimming in the rec center pool. We finally got Reece to go down the twisty slide last week and he likes it!

Seven Peaks: We bought the Pass of all Passes deal that gets us into the local water park in both Salt Lake and down in Provo for a summer full of water slide fun for really cheap through the elementary school. The pass is good for a whole year even to lots of venues, not just the water parks. I got a pass for each of us and for our babysitter so she can help me with the littlest guys at the pool. It turns out the boys have been cautious and afraid to try the slides at first, but the beauty of the Season Pass is that we can go back often and by visit #6 (today) we finally coaxed Micah to go down a big slide. Isaac was excited to go down the slides and he has had to go by himself or with Krysti the sitter or myself because he would not go by himself. No brothers were courageous enough to try it until today. The water park is going to be more fun for him from now on. Even Davis has gone down the slides. Reece is our last hold out. Maybe since he finally likes the slide at the rec center pool he will get the courage to go down the big slides soon?

Hikes: We have canyons right in our backyard! I bought trekking poles at Costco and suddenly the boys are more excited to go hiking.

Scout Camps: cub day camp for Micah, 11 yr old camp for Isaac, high adventure camp for Bryan and his scouts.

Track and Field: We signed Isaac up for Track and Field club with the county at nearby Skyline High School with a friend of his. He had the best time. It turns out he really likes running. The track meets were fun and he had regular practices 3 times a week for 6 weeks. He loved it.

Sandbox: We put in a sandbox 2 years ago and we still don’t regret it. They are out in it every day- even Isaac who is 11 goes and spends some time in it still. They build a city, and then destroy it with the hose (tidal wave?), they make volcanoes, they create landscapes, they bury little people and dinosaurs in it, basically, they go create, destroy, and create again. It still has not gotten old. The neighbor kids flock to it also. They can see us in it from down the street come up to join the boys. Lots of fun, and not much liability like a trampoline would be. Though I still wish we had a trampoline. I just keep thinking we need to wait a bit longer to when Davis is older. For now, they jump in another neighbors yard which is just fine with me.

Tracy Aviary: who knew a zoo with just birds could be so awesome?

Books, video games, Plants Versus Zombies, Wii, Netflix, Roller Coaster Tychoon, and other stuff during Davis’ mondo longo naps. He sleeps for a good 3 to 4 hours every afternoon.

There is more we could be doing I am sure. I am running out of steam to keep this up for 6 more weeks of vacation… but at least we are making great memories so far this summer!