Strawberries are ripe! Strawberries have to be the coolest thing to have in your garden. Ever. You just plant them once (or they come pre-planted when you buy your house, as was the case with us), and they just keep producing every year. We hardly do anything to maintain them, and yet, we get some awesome berries each spring. This year is no different. We picked our first small batch, and then Ily was excited so she made some whipped cream and pancakes for dinner last Sunday. It was a hit, especially with Reece. We made two different Tabblos to illustrate the results of Reece and whipped cream, one with one of the default templates:

We had a fun Sunday dinner of pancakes with fresh strawberries and whipped cream on top… See my Tabblo>

and one using some “suggested” background colors and some different positioning of the photos:

We had a fun Sunday dinner of pancakes with fresh strawberries and
whipped cream on top… See my Tabblo>

I can’t decide which one I like better. You can decide. I did something a little different this time with both of them. They are 8 1/2” x 11” poster size. You can click on the “Print” link and it will open a PDF version of it and offer to print it on your printer at home. Give it a try with the one you like best.

Anyway, enough with the infomercial. We have had messier meals than this one, but the hairdo and photo session were just classic this time. I hope you enjoy.

In other news this week, Isaac had a rough soccer game. He had to leave the game with injuries twice (but that’s saying something that he went back in after the first!). First he played some aggressive defense and got kicked right in the ankle. Then later he took a throw-in from the other team right in the cheek. I practiced with him what to do if the ball is coming at him up high earlier this week, but he just didn’t see this one coming. He recovered when the after game snack came out.

Micah is doing very will the potty now. He likes his underwear and Superman, and he even pointed out the other night that, “Superman wears underwear, and Car Ken takes his clothes off and flies like Superman.” (they’ve been watching some old Superman cartoons that we found on DVD at target). He also likes to sing and he spent all afternoon singing, “The wise man built his house upon the rock,” today.

People have asked how the garden is doing. We have some small green peppers and a zucchini that is getting big. The tomatoes are looking good too.

OK, one last story that Ily just reminded me of. Isaac gave a talk today. He was able to read most of it himself, which was cool. The topic was on keeping baptismal covenants, so for family home evening Ily had them act out the story of King Noah, Abinadi, and Alma baptizing at the waters of Mormon. Isaac really got into it and cut out flames from construction paper for Abinadi and everything. Today after church I went home teaching at his primary teacher’s house. She was telling me all about how well Isaac knew the story from the lesson today and how he kept interrupting and excitedly telling each part of the story and finally, impressed yet surprised with my son’s enthusiasm, I asked what the story was.

“Oh, just Abinadi and King Noah.” she replied.

“Ahh,” I said, and then explained why Isaac knew that particular story so well this week. It’s nice to hear about our kids actually getting something from our meager family nights.


Nolan Wright June 12, 2007 at 11:04 a.m.

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