We brought Davis home this week on Tuesday. At discharge he was 6 lbs 3 oz. I didn’t really believe he would be coming home that day, but he did. The only thing he had left to do in order to be discharged that day after the pediatrician approved him for discharge was pass a 1.5 hr car seat check. He had to sit in his car seat for that amount of time and his oxygen levels had to remain high enough for him to be able to come home. He wasn’t doing very well at first, but after some artful work with burp clothes to help support him, he passed and was able to come home. Everyone in the family was excited about him coming home! We were so excited that it was hard to keep us quiet around here!

We had to take him in to the pediatrician on Wednesday morning for a weight check and a billi-check. The news that day was that he had still lost a little weight that day and was down to 6 lbs 2.5 oz, but not as much as other days, so he was likely to start gaining again soon (normal stuff) and that his billirubin score had spiked again. The billirubin score indicated that he was becoming quite jaundiced again and would need to go under light therapy again. Thankfully, we were able to do this at home. Intermountain homecare delivered a billi-bed to us that afternoon. It looks kinda like a baby sized tanning bed and Davis was required to spend all his time on that bed except for when he ate and got his diaper changed. The billi-bed does not make him get tan or hot, but the lights in it cause chemical reactions in him that cause him to look a little red and feel all warm and toasty and happen to help him get rid of his excess billirubin. I got kinda freaked out by the return of the jaundice but luckily my friend Heather, who was staying with us to help out, helped keep me calm and knew what to do with a preemie on a billi-bed. The best thing I ever did was to make friends with a NICU nurse and invite her to come to visit and to accidentally coordinate that visit with the premature birth of our 4th child. She was a lifesaver!

After some thought, we realized that Davis had been getting more sluggish and tired and had not been nursing as well that day. These things are indications of jaundice also. So we decided to start supplementing him with bottled breast milk after he nursed for a shorter time so that he could get more of it in him without him getting as tired since bottles are so much easier than nursing. Of course we had no bottles. So Bryan ran to the store to buy us the smörgåsbord of bottles to try and he took the first one we tried like a charm. So we haven’t even tried the other ones. We did get too tired of washing the one bottle that Davis approved of and went back and bought 6 more.

On Thursday Davis had to go back again for a weight check and he started gaining again. He was up to 6 lbs 3 oz that day. The doctor looked at him and approved of his skin color (much less yellow) and other vital signs and decided to stop him on the billi-bed later that afternoon and billi-test him again at lunch time the next day. This news really cheered me up. Also on this day some good friends of ours , Mike and Nikki T, called and offered to take our 3 older boys camping with them that night. We decided to let them go and the boys were so excited. Bryan helped them get ready and off they went to a campsite 20 minutes from our house (I love living close to the canyons here!). The boys got sufficiently dirty with Mike and Nikki’s girls, hiked up to Donut Falls (but failed to see the donut shaped rock that the falls used to flow through because it fell during the flood a few weeks before), set fire to marshmallows, ran all over the place, slept in a tent, and had a fabulous time! Thanks Mike and Nikki for a) being willing to even go camping considering that Nikki is 8 months pregnant, and b) being willing to take our boys with you! That evening for us was rather quiet and we loved it!

On Friday we had another billi-check and Davis’ score was down again so he gets to officially come off of the lights. We are still supplementing him with bottles though. It has been a great way to get the boys involved with Davis since they can sit there holding him and giving him a bottle. Reece was having a fit one day (man, was he tired out from all of the excitement) and was brought out of his fit by letting him warm a bottle for Davis and getting to feed it to him. As he was getting a mug of hot water ready to warm the bottle in he said “I am already a mad scientist, but now I am a bottle scientist too!” Too cute! After that his day went much better. Micah and Isaac have shown great interest in taking care of the baby too. They fight over who gets to hold him and Isaac is so mad that I won’t let him walk around while holding the baby (My mother bear instinct just won’t let me let him do that yet). They each have done really well with the baby care tasks we have taught them so far. I may survive next week without Heather or Bryan thanks to these boys. I have been harboring worries about being home alone with all 4 boys, but it may turn out ok. I am still so glad my mom comes on Friday!

On Saturday we had all 4 boys to ourselves for the first time the whole day. Bryan took them out ice skating in the afternoon for a diversion and then we played some wii and watched a movie. Micah fell asleep at 5:45, right before dinner, so we can officially know that this week has tired him out. The boys have either gone out with Heather and her boys, or over to someone else’s home for a few hours, or all day even, each day since the baby was born. I am glad they were with us to relax this one day. It could be argued that ice skating is not relaxing, but they all reported that they had fun and it was good for them to spend some time with their dad after they have spent so little quality time with us these past 10 days.

Today I sit at home in the quiet with the baby while everyone else is at church. Since Davis is so tiny and just plain young, it will be a while before I can take him to church. I was called to be a primary teacher last month, and then the bishopric changed their minds the following week and told me I would not have to do that job and I am so glad today! I would not be doing my job if I had that calling right now! Phew!

Overall, this week I have felt so blessed. We received amazing help right when we needed it and most of it was unsolicited by us. The Lord has his timing just perfect.


Jennifer Wise July 5, 2010 at 5:59 a.m.

I'm glad everything is turning out so well. I agree with you 100% about how the Lord's timing is perfect.