We had a busy spring break this last week. Though it rained most of the time, we still managed to have fun.

Saturday: Built robots out of Lego mindstorms. Bryan taught the older boys to play Risk… Micah won which really irked Isaac and he wants a rematch. Went to the church to let the boys run out some energy in the gym.

Sunday: Tried to be reverent.

Monday: Mustache Monday. They all wanted mustaches drawn on their faces out of my eyeliner. Reece is beginning to learn that dressing up like a cowboy is essential to boyhood. Today we focused on the handle bar mustache.

Tuesday: Jungle Playland- like an indoor McDonald’s playland only at least 10 times bigger. Lunch after at Boppin’ Bo’s, a restaurant that Isaac’s Primary teacher owns.

Wednesday: Visit the $3 movie theater to watch Bedtime Stories. Reece was totally bored and wandered the isles, Isaac thought it was the best movie ever. I just thought it was ok.

Thursday: Visited the Historic Fort of Vancouver here in Vancouver to check off some cub scout stuff. It was fun, they had cannons, they had a jail and a tower with more cannons. This was like manna to a young boys’ soul.

Friday: Another mustache day- up today is the Chick Hicks mustache (you know- that green car from Cars the movie who eventually wins the Piston Cup after he cheats). Micah decides to wear all white so he can be camouflaged in milk. Also up is open gym at the local gymnastics facility. We met Oliver’s family and Melinda and Jason there for some bouncin’ and jumping and climbing. Crazy busy place that day. There were tons of kids of all ages and I am surprised no one got hurt. I would have left if Bryan hadn’t taken the car and left us there. We lost Reece in the crowd several times. That kid has no fear and he is quick on the run! After the open gym play, we sent the boys home with Melinda while Bryan and I went to test drive cars for Bryan’s new commute to work. We almost bought this awesome 2004 BMW 325I that we test drove but we are glad we didn’t. It was just above our price range and we would have regretted it later. But oh man, it would have been fun to drive! In all, Bryan drove 6 cars that day. So on the No Go list are the Nissan Versa, the Subaru Impreza, the BMW (sigh). On the Maybe List are the Subaru Outback and Legacy, and maybe a Scion.

Saturday: Conference, car research, visit the park to run and picnic in between sessions, conference session #2, more car research, more park play because the weather was GLORIOUS, Bryan test drives my friend Maria’s 2007 corolla and decides he must research that car now too, he goes off to more conference while Maria and I do a hot cardio mix latin workout video in my living room… and then more car research until we fall into bed just about fully cooked for the day.

Sunday: The last 2 sessions of conference. I can’t believe how well our boys did this time around. To keep them quiet and busy we let them do puzzles, build robots out of mindstorms, knit (Isaac alone finished 3 hats this weekend), and eat biscotti. I was able to listen, they were able to listen and we hardly fell asleep. I love watching conference at home. After conference we went to meet some Estonians who get together for an Estonian choir and an instrumental group and a folk dance group. They meet most Sundays. For those of you who don’t know, my mother’s side is Estonian and so my name, which does not actually have an Estonian spelling does happen to be an Estonian. It was fun and I had so much fun dancing with everyone. These dancers are going to Estonia this summer for a big dance festival there and I wish I could join them! It would be so fun!

So here I am at the end of spring break, happy to send Isaac off to school again but happy we had a nice break. The boys played outside, rain or shine, in between all of our other activities. It ended up being quite pleasant. Vacationing at home can be fun too.

Notice the child all in white.  He is dressed to be camouflaged in milk.   ... See my Tabblo>


Steffenie April 6, 2009 at 12:46 a.m.

whoa. you are superwoman.

Becky Bunting April 6, 2009 at 7:17 p.m.

did you get a car yet? If you look at the Subaru Outback, make sure Bryan is comfortable sitting in it. That's what we have and John (6'2") always complains that there is not enough leg room. The back seat is also pretty tight when you put 3 adults back there. Other than that, it is an awesome car. It's perfect for me to drive. :) (I think all Subaru's are a little tight, so be sure to try it on before you buy!)

Mary Lou Hart April 6, 2009 at 11:24 p.m.

Glad to hear all has gone so well for Bryan with the jobs. Sounds like you had a fun week (and wasn't the weather this weekend beautiful). Liked the Estonian connection. I didn't even know it was an actually country until a few months ago when my nephew got a mission call there. Now I seem to see it popping up everywhere. Such a small world and always so many ways to make new connections with people.