Natural gas prices went up 21% as of November 1st here in the great Northwest. Since our home is heated by natural gas, I should be crying, but I am not. Funny but our bill is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than it has been in the past. Why? Well, that new thermostat we installed works. I finally am getting used to it being colder in here now because 71 degrees Fahrenheit really does not feel warm. With the old thermostat it did. Ha, ha it felt like 80 degrees. It probably was. The old one didn’t work right.

So November 2007 we used on average 2.6 therms per day and this November we have used 1.6. The average daily temperature outside in Nov 2007 was 49 degrees compared to this year at 52 degrees. So our bill would be a little lower this year due to the general warmer weather by 3 degrees… But not that much lower. So I am so glad we fixed that simple problem by changing the thermostat finally! We may get lucky and keep our heating bills down below $260 (unlike last year).

On the plus side, because our house was always so hot, the boys never wore out the long sleeved t-shirts and sweat pants so Reece has plenty of warm stuff passed down to him. The PJ’s are a different story, those are pretty worn out by the 3rd time around (and 4th too since most of them were hand me downs before!), but at least no one sees those on a regular basis and thinks we are so poor to have to dress our kids in rags.

As for me, I have noticed I have no long sleeve shirts. I unfortunately have to build up my wardrobe in that department now. Bryan has never worn out his warm clothes either so we are pretty good there.

The savings overall are just enough to make me happy on a cold day.

Also on a happy note, I am going out with a friend to see Twilight… I might as well join the throngs of teenage girls, their mothers, and the 30 something crowd who all adore these books at the theaters this weekend. I expect to be disappointed. Hopefully I will be surprised.

Update. I went to the movie with very low expectations and ended up enjoying it. It was funny that all of us in the audience laughed OUT LOUD A TON at times in the movie that were supposed to be serious… It was fun. And even though I did not expect to see any men in the audience, there were quite a few. It was quite an experience!


Ily November 21, 2008 at 5:20 p.m.

You need to let me know how you like the movie! I am debating on whether on not to see it now or later and just rent it.