In June we celebrated Reece’s 4th birthday. He is such a joy to have in our family. He is so confident and willing to try new things. He really is funny too. We are lucky to have him. Here are some pictures from his little birthday party we had with the Trionfos and 3/4 of the Wright family.

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Reece's Bday 2010

Per his request, we had meatballs for dinner and he wanted an Apple Berry Cake… something we have never had so I figured I could take the idea and run with it. I just made an apple dump cake and added berries to it. It was simple for me to make. I needed simple this time around. The only problem with serving a hot apple berry dump cake is that your candles melt in the cake before you blow them out. Whoops!

Steff Wright and her girls passed thru on a visit for a few days while moving from Colorado to Washington. We were able to share Reece’s birthday cake with them, work on the sandbox a bit, do a park scavenger hunt, finally take Steff to Cafe Rio- the best restaurant ever, and enjoy some time with her before she finished her trip to her new home where her husband already was living.

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Wrights Passing Thru

We never got around to having a friend party because I was going to have it right after the sand box was finished and swim lessons and ice skating were over. The day after all those things got done, I was going to make up the invitations and get them out… instead Davis was born. My plans changed a bit. p>

At the very end of the month we were supposed to host our friends the Recinos and show them around Salt Lake City, Utah. Instead, they got to meet a baby! Heather got to tour the city by herself with my kids. I know I am a bad hostess… My excuse is that I was running to the hospital to be with the baby and then I was home with the baby. She took the kids to the fabulous Rec center pool down the street, to see some goats in our neighborhood, to a few parks, and to the Living Planet Aquarium here in town. All the boys had fun together and I loved having her around to help with the baby when she wasn’t busy with the other kids. Heather is the best!

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Recinos Visit


dad & mom murdock August 11, 2010 at 7:24 p.m.

Thanks for the great pictures!