Isaac is playing basketball again this winter. The league is pretty good, they don’t allow stealing the ball or blocking shots, which makes it a lot easier for the kids who are just learning to shoot and dribble. They have a hard enough time without people swatting the ball away. It’s pretty fun to watch as Isaac improves each game. Here are some photos that a teammate’s dad took with his camera that is much nicer than ours.

One of Isaac's teammate's has a dad with a really nice camera.&nbsp; He's been kind enough to take these awesome action shots at the last few games (especially since our little camera just isn't working in these gyms).&nbsp; Isaac is improving by leaps and bounds each game.&nbsp; It's really fun to watch.<br> ... See my Tabblo>


shannon March 3, 2008 at 8:32 p.m.

how fun! We passed on basketball last year for Conner (too busy), but promised that he could play this year (it's in the fall). I love the picture on the bottom right where all the boys have their hands up in the air. :)