Isaac and I went skiing at Cooper Spur today. We turned the GPS on for the drive and Isaac had fun noticing the highway signs for Interstate 84 both on the roadside, and on the little map on the GPS. This evening after the trip I used gpsman to download the tracklog from the GPS and export it as a GPX file. Then I went to GPS Visualizer and created a Google Earth version of our route. If you right-click and save that link, and then open it with Google Earth you can see the route we took to Cooper Spur (and where the GPS lost signal in a few places). Zoom in a bit (near Mt. Hood) and you can even see the bare patches of the forest where the ski runs are!

It snowed all day yesterday on the mountain, and it was cold and dry today. During Isaac’s lesson I took a couple trips up the short Cooper Spur lift and found some nearly knee-deep powder. Isaac mastered the rope tow and the pizza (what they now call the good ol’ snow plow). I’ll post pictures soon. We also saw the Blackhawk helicopters, the big Chinook helicopter, and the C-130 searching for the lost climbers.